Tiny House Farmhouse StyleSuper Tiny Homes was created with an aim to provide everything you need to know about tiny houses and backyard offices.

The ability to turn a small space in your backyard (or on a trailer) into a small dwelling suitable for permanently living or working in is ingenious, and this website is therefore dedicated to keeping track of such builds.

Whilst we think that tiny homes and backyard offices are a great thing to live/work in, we are aware they have some flaws too – so we always aim to be fair and balanced in our articles (such as our are tiny houses too expensive? and backyard office pros and cons articles): this is so that we can provide our visitors with the most helpful content.




The Team

William C – Partner & Writer

A home improvement fiend as well as hungry to learn things all tech. Due to this passion of city life (but loving the outdoors), William has tried all of the tiny home optimizations possible. He’s a tech devil by day and home improvement guru by night, how many rooms his house can he optimize for space! William also owns the website https://www.yourdigitalaid.com where he writes about tech / marketing and e-learning.

Alexandre Baraya – Partner

Picture of Alex Baraya - doing home renos
Growing up with the entrepreneurial mindset, Alex has always been driven by sales connecting with others and learning at every chance he gets.
From creating music to real estate investments and being a marketing consultant, Alex’s goals include providing home owners with a more economical way to live without compromising quality of life.

Michael Pilon – Freelancer Writer and Editor

Michael is a freelance writer who loves telling food and lifestyle stories. He’s a homebody who’s passionate about creating a beautiful home, but also loves to explore nature and the city. In his spare time, you’ll probably find him doodling flora and fauna, drinking too much coffee, or testing out a new cookie recipe. See more of my work on my website.