7 Best Tiny House Wood Stoves Of All Time

a wood stove in a tiny house with my dog infront of it.

Whenever the weather turns cool in cold climates, there’s nothing quite like cuddling up in front of a warm fire. What could be homier than that? After all, of course, you are doing it in a tiny house! It does, however, need the use of a tiny house wood stove.

Aside from its lovely appearance, the finest little wood burner for a tiny house provides a compact alternative for high-quality, off-grid warmth.

However, there is a concern about safety. In compact dwellings, proper clearances, pipe installation, and continuing maintenance are especially more important. Quality goods and excellent customer service may make a big difference in this situation.

There’s good news! More tiny wood stoves are available than it has ever been.

The only sort of stove you’ll require in your little abode is a wood-burning burner. A small house wood stove is a wonderful alternative for you because you don’t require quite so much warmth in a tiny area as you would in a larger home.

How Do You Pick the Right Small Wood Burning Stove?

Keep in consideration the size of your home when picking a tiny house wood burning stove so you can obtain something that will heat it properly. Make sure it’s a good weight as well. The finest compact stove for a tiny house is one that fits in the space and functions well. The stove must have a long burn time, be easy to clean, and be silent. The sort of wood utilized as a source of energy is critical. You’ll need a burner with a heat source, so it wouldn’t require a lot of time for it to get hot enough to appreciate.

It would be a good bonus if it could achieve temperatures of 1,200 ° F, but this isn’t essential. Due to their tiny size, little cubic tiny wood stoves are prevalent, but they’re only useful if you utilize them properly.

You need something to keep your house as warm as possible. If you live in a snowy place during the winter, you may need to store up wood. When searching for the best small wood stove in the marketplace, be sure to evaluate everything.

It is vital to consider how and where to search for a stove, either for household usage in a tiny house to boil water or even for other reasons.

How do you use a wood stove?

Tiny wood stoves generate heat output by burning wood. The warmth from the flame is radiated through the surface of the small stove’s walls. The air intake and out of the burner are controlled by the stove. The natural movement of air contributes to the room’s heating.

Fans also aid in the improved circulation of heat. A convection chamber distributes radiant and condensation energy in some small wood stoves. By admitting chilly air in and heating it first before expelling it back into the room, the chambers control airflow.

A damping control knob on the stove is the finest method to manage the air. It will eventually turn off a large portion of the air in one go while still allowing some to come in to ensure a comfortable temperature for all the house’s inhabitants.

Wood stoves are an excellent alternative to propane stoves, which burn fossil fuels and require money for each pound of gas. They provide an efficient burn and radiant heat emission to the home. These are an excellent method to save cost on solar panels while staying under building codes if you do not care for a little smoke.

The 7 best wood stoves for tiny homes. 

A side profile shot of the 3k dwarf life stove with legs

Product specifications

  • It has a Cast Iron Door and Firebox for Durability and Heat Reservation
  • Large Window is Provided for Maintenance and Enjoying the Warmth
  • Top or Rear Flue Exit Is Provided With Top Cooking Surface
  • Riddling Grate and Ash Pan for Easy Cleanup
  • Separate Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Air-Control
  • Add-on features: Tall Legs and Direct-Air
  • Optional Enameled Door
  • Spring Handle is available on all stoves!
  • Water Tank / Boiler and Factory Heat Shields can be added


  • Comes in multiple sizes, which can correspond with the size of your tiny house.
  • You can save 10% of 4″ Flue parts with code DWARF
  • It’s possible to put this in an RV
  • You get what you pay for, a high quality stove

The Bad

  • There’s no heat shield! Which can really make temperature control different
  • Lack of direct-air ventilation (you need to customize your own)
  • No EPA Certification
  • The factory coating is not food grade. Therefore, do not cook directly on the stove with steak, meat or any other type of food, cast iron pan is the best
  • It’s a little more costly than other models on Amazon and other retailers

The Dwarf 3kw Lite is indeed the smallest model in the Dwarf range, and it’s ideal for warming rooms under 300 square feet, such as RVs, modified vans/buses, mobile homes, compact tiny homes, and campers. It has the same qualities as the other Dwarf stoves, but it’s smaller! This little heater is developed with strong characteristics and is appropriate for full-time usage, unlike other similarly sized micro stoves on the market.

While there are a few cons, the Dwarf model is a fantastic stove for tiny homes. While this stove is not made for conventional homes, it is unlicensed and solely available for recreational use.

The 3kW LITE is ideal for moving tiny space like RVs, tents, vans, buses, and yachts. Ultimately, it’s a high quality stove with a lot of customization. 


Product specifications

  • Galvanized steel with high-temperature heat-resistant black finish
  • Five 15.5″l. interlocking stove pipes with a 3.375″ diameter
  • Front hinged cast iron door with adjustable air vent
  • The top platform can be used to keep coffee and saucepans hot
  • Pipes nest and entire stove fits inside itself for easy storage and transport
  • Only for outdoor use with proper ventilation

The Good

  • Over 800 5 star reviews on Amazon
  • Pretty quick set-up and installation, even with pipes
  • Perfect for small RVs, cabins or even a hard shelter tent
  • Perfect for back patios

The Bad

  • There’s a little bit of smoke released out of the door
  • Many reviewers are polarized, they either love this product or hate it
  • Only good for smaller shelters, RVs, not meant for large cabins.

This stove is meant to be used as a camp stove outside. Ideal for usage in the backyard or on camping holidays. The wood-burning stove may be used for both heating and cooking. For burning wood, it includes a galvanized steel firebox with a heat-resistant coating. The entrance door is built of sturdy cast iron and features air vents.

Kindling wood can be burned in the mobile wood stove. It’s a fantastic camp heater for keeping you toasty in the great outdoors. This is The Best “DUAL THREAT” in outdoor wood-burning stoves, including Heat and cooking Abilities.


Overall, this stove is ideal for camping and other outdoor activities. On top, it keeps coffee and sauce pots boiling water and makes bacon and eggs! The legs remove, the pipes nest and the whole stove fits in on itself for convenient storage and transportation. Keeping warm in your small house is vital, and a Stove will give years of comfy, secure, and consistent heat. 

A stove cooking some bbq

Product specifications

  • Any camping tent with a stove pipe vent may easily be used.
  • Folding drying racks allow you to cook or make meals while drying.
  • A flat-top platform for keeping hot beverages, coffee, or meals warm.
  • 1832°F high-temperature resistance.
  • With a 22-pound compact stove that is lightweight and travels like a suitcase, it is easy to transport.
  • The tent stove’s removable parts and collapsible legs make it easy to carry and store.

The Good

  • Extremely easy set-up
  • Easy carrying due to the tables on the side
  • Light weight, easy to pick up and move around

The Bad

  • It’s extremely small, doesn’t heat a large area
  • There are some gaps in this product that cause smoke to scape

The PMNY WOOD STOVE is intended for the professional outdoor user who needs a lighter weight, extra room for firewood, and an extended burn period to remain warm on chilly evenings. It has four retractable legs that ensure safety from your tent’s floor while also providing a large, solid platform at the optimum height for cooking.


The PMNY wood burner is an outside stove that creates a warm and inviting focal point for your camp. In addition to protecting your hot, its flat top surface structure allows you to prepare a hot coffee, cook with a pan, or savor the barbeque.

Logwood Wood stove - home depot

Product specifications

  • On top, there’s a built-in cooking surface.
  • The former model 1269E of the US Stove Company has been replaced.
  • Logs up to 19″ in length are accepted.
  • Mobile and modular dwellings are not permitted to utilize this product.
  • While the stove is burning, the 2-piece safety handle remains cool.
  • Heats up to 900 sq. ft. with 54,000 BTUs.
  • The heavy-duty cast-iron structure combines traditional design with cutting-edge technology.

The Good

The Bad

Another option for smaller houses in the Logwood EPA-certified wood stove. It has a more traditional appearance than some of the other wood stoves on our list.

Its thin black appearance evokes a sense of nostalgia. It does not have a glass pane to view the flames, unlike some other stoves. It does feature a cooktop, so it may be used for both cooking and eating. As a result, it’s one of the greatest wood cookstoves for a little cabin retreat.

Because it’s vintage and wood-burning, you may anticipate it to work similarly to a fireplace. It heats up quickly and maintains your toasty home warm during the winter months.

The nicest part about the stove is that it is a good value for an elevated cooktop stove that allows you to be using your stainless steel saucepans!

grizzly wood stove

Product specifications

  • It’s simple to set up and run!
  • Only 13″ (Wide) x 15″ (High) x 12″ (Depth) in size!
  • Eco-friendly
  • Because of its secondary combustion system, it produces extremely little smoke!
  • Safer than a cooking burner powered by diesel or gas!
  • Removes the cabin’s dampness.
  • If you eliminate the rail, you’ll have a cooking area that measures 6 1/2″ from the flue towards the edge of the hole and 13″ side to side.
  • Without shielding, a clearance of 20″ is required in all directions.
  • When employing correct mounting and insulation, clearances are decreased to 3″.
  • Accepts wood up to 6 3/4″ in length.

Cubic Mini Wood Stoves are among the greatest little cub wood stoves available for your house. A low-carbon option for warming your home is a wood-burning stove. When you use locally accessible wood or pellets, the woodstove becomes almost carbon neutral. The Grizzly can generate a lot of heat, and the stovetop is ideal for warming up a small pan or kettle.

The Grizzly makes a wonderful center point for a compact house on wheels or maybe even a boat, as its dry heat may cover any room.

The Grizzly Cubic Mini has a reduced heating capacity but still produces a considerable amount of heat. The stove offers a good heater at a reasonable price. It is a winter version, so it’ll leave your home hot in the coming years, particularly because it’s compact enough to carry in a modest house or studio apartment.

You may select between brass and black for your ornately designed stove. This stove is ideal for houses and living spaces that are modest to medium in size.


Product specifications

  • To roast or boil water straight on the flames, lift the cover.
  • On top, there’s room for a big pan or kettle.
  • The glass door has an air wash solution to maintain it clean.
  • Above the entrance, there is a secondary air inlet.
  • Satin Black or Honey Glow Brown are the two colors available.
  • It’s simple to keep clean and operate, and once lit;
  • It offers enough heat for the garden office. 

The Good

The Bad

The Shepherd Stove is a CE-approved 1.8 kW stove made for compact areas such as van conversions, shepherd’s cottages, and compact bell tents or tipis.

The Shepherd Stove is efficient and economical, so it will maintain your room warm with very little fuel (we suggest eco fuel that fits neatly into Shepherd’s narrow opening and burns extremely cleanly).

The Shepherd Stove has been thoroughly proven to work with our 3-inch protected flue system for use in vans, shepherd’s cottages, pods, arks, tiny houses, and outbuildings.

high quality wood stove

Product specifications

  • It’s made for cabins and other big spaces up to 1,200 square feet in size.
  • When burning cordwood, it complies with all 2020 EPA guidelines.
  • Firebrick lining extends the life of the fire and improves the burning rate.
  • Cleanup is a breeze with the integrated ashpan and cast iron ash stopper.
  • Any space will appear magnificent with the nickel door handle and pedestal base.
  • Approved for mobile homes.
  • Logs up to 17″ in length are accepted.

The Ashley Hearth AW1120E-P is a traditional and dependable enhancement to any house or cabin. This wood-burning stove features airtight steel construction with a charcoal black finish, as well as a heavy-duty cast iron door with ceramic glass and other features.

For its effectiveness, this stove is highly popular in compact households. For a long-lasting burn and efficiency, the stove is coated with firebrick. This stove is one of the largest, yet it’s still small enough to fit in a little house.

It’s the ideal size for our little (1100 square foot) house and heats up rapidly. With its effective combustion process, the Ashley Hearth will quickly heat your home. This is among the most elegant designs you’ll ever see. It has a brush nickel finish and a pedestal for an attractive aesthetic.

This stove is an excellent value for the money. It comes with a huge ashtray that makes cleanup a breeze. If you’re searching for the greatest wood stove for a little dwelling, I’d suggest this one too.

Summing Up (Conclusion)

In a little abode, a modest wood stove seems just right—definitely Instagram-worthy. It’s an excellent fit for its attractiveness and high-quality heat, provided long as space permits safe installation. The amount of heat you require and the characteristics you seek are the most important factors to consider when selecting a wood stove for a tiny home.

What kind of stove did you choose? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!