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The era of enormous 1,000 large homes has passed. People now look for affordable compact houses, fully furnished caravans, and accessible areas. With the tiny house movement, we are also in need of compact appliances for small spaces.

The philosophy of minimalism, which holds that quality above quantity and less is more, is becoming more and more popular. Do we really need enormous homes and enormous appliances in a society that is becoming more cognizant of space and resources? Previously, when families all lived under one roof, having enough room was essential. We are all becoming more autonomous since singles and couples occupy the majority of homes nowadays.

In the 1960s, there were 3.5 occupants per property; in 2016, that number was down to 2.5.

It’s a delightful overload; on this side of the ocean, we’re experiencing our own little revolution in response to the East Asian trend of tiny phones, tiny pets, and tiny food. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that two of the small appliances on display at the Home Show were produced in China and Korea, correspondingly. Tiny home living appliances that can neatly fit on your kitchen countertop and have minimum plumbing requirements are what they look like.

This is why tiny home washers and dryers must be unique, compact, durable and energy efficient. Think some washer/dryer combo, but smaller, more light weight and less prone to issues :).

Tiny House Washing and Drying Machines

If you live in a small home, washing clothing might be really difficult. Thankfully, there are many stackable washers and venting dryer machines to improve your life simpler.

But figuring out which washer and dryer combo units best meet the needs of tiny homeowners might be difficult given the abundance of options available. 

When analyzing these products we took the following into consideration:

  • Specific dimensions (for a tiny home)
  • Compact, without compromising dryer capacity and wash load
  • If it can be housed in a mobile home / tiny house
  • Limited water and electricity use (DC vs. AC)
  • Ventless
  • Noise

Therefore, I hope our list provides you with the knowledge that you need.

1. Most versatile tiny washing machine  – Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine – 


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Laundry in a small space is made possible with twin tub washing machines. You may use the two tubs, including one for washing and the other for spinning clothes. The machine uses 120 volts of power and can handle loads of up to 10 pounds for washing and 6 pounds for spinning. Our machine has a drainage tube that makes it simple to remove wastewater. It is not just ecologically responsible but also energy-efficient—separate timing settings for the spin cycle and wash cycles.


  • It can hold almost ~20 lbs of capacity, pretty good for a small machine
  • separate timeframe settings for the activities of washing and spinning
  • You can easily throw your load of clothing in because it is strong and simple to use.
  • Drainage tube that makes it simple to remove filthy water
  • Environmental consciousness and energy conservation
  • Extremely easy to move around, all you need is electricity and water
  • Very easy to assemble (no installation since it’s so versatile)


  • It’s actually pretty noisy, so while it’s running it can be annoying
  • If you’re not used to using a small machine, you may overfill it – so read the instructions carefully
  • There can be some leaking, but this is due to overfilling

The compact washer is ideal for use in dormitories, condominiums, mobile homes, RVs, camping, and more. Since the washer does not finish taking on water on its own once the water is turned on, you must be nearby to observe it. See the example below of the washing machine be used on the outside of an RV.

Picture of the Giantex outside a trailer

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2. One of the lightest washing machines for tiny homes – Nictemaw Portable Full-Automatic Compact Washing Machine 

compact washing machine

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This washer is a fantastic option for washing and perfect for small loads like towels, stockings, underwear, and T-shirts. To reduce time, labor, and water use, the features of water intake, sprinkling, spin, and flow are also made available.

One of the best parts about this product is, you can use the sink to generate the water – so this makes this product extremely versatile – since all you need is a sink and electricity.


  • Compact top load twin tub design
  • Vert affordable
  • It’s only 15.5 lbs, one of the lightest products on the market
  • 10 programs and 8 water levels with easy to use UI
  • separate timeframe settings for the activities of washing and spinning
  • You can easily throw your load of clothing in because it is strong and simple to use.
  • Drainage tube that makes it simple to remove filthy water
  • Environmental consciousness and energy conservation


  • Seller is pretty unresponsive, especially with mechanical issues
  • There’s been the possibility of getting a used item, which happens regularly with Amazon resellers
  • Product has a low capacity threshold and the hoses may not be compatible with your sink.

This washer’s huge wave pulsations and new water flow, created by the incorporation of modern technology, will not only result in less twisting of the clothing but also a better cleaning and washing effect!

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3. Most reliable tiny home machine – Portable Laundry Washing Machine by BLACK+DECKER, BPWM09W

black and decker tiny home washing machine

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This tiny, portable washing machine will resolve all of you cleaning issues, whether you live in a Tiny home, RV or are renting an apartment. This product is popular among metropolitan city inhabitants with little space, and is ideal for flats since you can set it up and attach it to your kitchen sink.


  • Compact design for RVs, flats, yachts, and dorm rooms.
  • Comfortable design with massive capacity
  • To meet all of your washing demands, there are 3 water settings and 5 cycle programs.
  • Energy Efficient Working
  • It’s extremely quiet
  • Very affordable
  • Automatically detects unbalancing 


  • Takes a very tiny load
  • Cold water only, so you may not get a 100% clean
  • It’s pretty heavy for such a small product, almost 50lbs

This washer may be taken on a weekend or overnight camping vacation, even an RV getaway, and it stores quickly and can be neatly placed in a corner to take up little room (See product below in the corner of a small room). In addition, parents have cleaned soiled children’s garments after burping and feedings, as well as baby bibs.

The machine cleaning some clothes in a tiny house

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4. Best high quality stackable washer and dryer for a tiny home – EW824N(1.6 cu. ft)+ED850 Equator Laundry Center (3.5 cu.ft.)


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Your laundry demands may be well satisfied by the combo washer/dryer. The 13 lb. front load washer for Small loads may be cleaned effectively in a washer with little water and power use. In addition to Quick Wash, Winterizes, and Quiet, it features 12 programs. The 850 dryer increases laundry productivity without sacrificing air drying time or aesthetics.


  • Combined washer and dryer that are stacked to conserve area in your laundry room and have a higher load capacity.
  • The front-facing dryer controls are conveniently located for use.
  • Use the washer’s quiet mode at a volume of no more than 60 dB.
  • Fits well within an RV
  • 60 minutes and auto-dry cycle
  • Can fit within a closet and easy to install


  • This is a heavy set of machines (~200 lbs), so you’ll need help putting it in your RV or tiny home
  • Maintenance and cleaning can be a pain with these products, because they’re more like traditional washing and dryer combos
  • The product is very noisy when washing

The dimensions of this small stackable set, which is 59 x 23.5 x 22 inches (HxWxD) when stacked, fit into houses, flats, and other small spaces. It is necessary to purchase the Stacking Kit separately. Both products have superior steel drums, a 180-degree opening door, and a door safety switch.

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5. Best lightweight portable dryer for Tiny homes – COSTWAY Compact Laundry Dryer



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There are four settings that let you choose the temperature and cycle length for each load, ranging from 20 to 200 minutes. Your clothing will be dry in no time at all if you simply plug in the Costway dryer. Even better, you may use a bracket to mount the device on a wall.


  • Filter that may be cleaned to cut down on dryer debris
  • normal dryer configuration and style
  • All sorts of clothes may be dried in cycles lasting up to 200 minutes.
  • Lightweight, portable design that is simple to store and transport. (~40 lbs)
  • The built-in 850W electric dryer provides quick and effective drying results.
  • A reverse tumble feature that avoids tangling
  • Takes no space at all, very tiny.


  • Small capacity is very difficult to deal with (probably can handle only 5 – 8 lb capacity)
  • Holy cow, this product can take time to dry heavier fabrics like wool or sheets

This product is built for what it’s supposed to do, help you dry clothes but only in small loads. Beware of it’s low capacity, but this product’s price and efficiency still makes up for that.

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6. Best Dryer with Exhaust Pipe – Compact Laundry Dryer by Euhomy

Compact Dryer - Euhomy

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The Euhomy portable dryer is a strong yet little dryer with a huge capacity of 10.5 pounds (wet clothes). For speedy drying of your garments, this dryer’s 1050W output can achieve a maximum temperature of 140°F. With the highest temperature of 140°F, this strong yet little dryer has a high capacity to guarantee that your clothes dry rapidly.


  • Interior physical layout to provide the finest drying possible experience.
  • Features four drying modes and a liquid crystal display (LCD): 1. Powerful 2. Ingenious 3. ECO: Freshen up any clothing 4. regular
  • You can see the load status through the transparent window.
  • For tiny house living like flats, dorms, etc., compactness and handle.
  • The full size of this portable clothes drier is compact (19.3 x 17.7 x 27 in )
  • Product has ETL and DOE certifications


  • Dryer will actually turn off if it overheats, this is really annoying
  • Struggles to deal with really damp clothes or super wet clothes


The dryer can accommodate two people’s worth of clothes; if you want more capacity – consider purchasing some of their larger products. Ultimately, apartments, dorm rooms, and other compact locations are perfect for using this portable drier.

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7. Best Modern looking dryer – VIVOHOME Electric Compact Portable Laundry Dryer Machine


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With a knob control panel and LED display, the VIVOHOME small washing clothes dryer is easy for anybody to operate; There are four distinct methods for caring for clothing: drying, degerming and deodorizing, half-heating, and air-cooling.


  • Space-saving Design and Small Size
  • When the cover opens, the power automatically shuts off to prevent electric shock.
  • A tub with stainless steel inside significantly reduces clothing to wear and tear, and one with a PTC heating system lets you escape weather restrictions
  • Anywhere You Want Can Have A Portable Dryer Installed
  • Product has minimal assembly, which means it’s easy to set-up and go


  • Customer service isn’t the best
  • Isn’t good for large families, capacity is low
  • Warranty is only 3 months.

You may enjoy clean, soft garments at any time thanks to an efficient PTC heating mechanism, which frees you from the restrictions of the weather. When the clothes are dry, smart sensors monitor the temperature and humidity of the garments in real-time and immediately turns off. Ultimately, this is one of the better looking dryers since it was released late November 2020. Therefore, consider picking this up if you want a “good-looking” functional dryer. 

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8. Best small apartment dryer – Sentern Compact Portable Laundry Dryer 


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The Sentern Tumble Dryer, which is outfitted with a number of important characteristics, is made to deliver all the essential elements of a standard-size dryer without sacrificing the effectiveness of the dried goods or their quality.


  • Effective Performance of The Sentern Dryer with a strong 120V/60Hz electric operation can reach temperatures of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Fantastic rating by users
  • Drier with a 20-minute maximum drying duration.
  • A tumble dryer designed for silent drying contains a drying sensor mode to determine when your load of clothes is finished drying.
  • Energy-saving and quiet tumble Our dryer is designed to use electricity effectively and comes with a technologically enhanced air intake filter that is simple to clean and maintain.


  • This thing is 1400W, so you may not be able to power it in your tiny home or RV, it’s meant for small apartment.
  • You need to vent this dryer, or else it won’t work properly.

Enjoy fewer disturbances thanks to the silent tumbling architecture, which enables you to use the dryer while you’re asleep or going about your regular activities without making an excessive amount of noise.

This product isn’t really meant for an RV, and may be able to work with a more spacious Tiny home or cabin. Ultimately, it’s mean for a small sized condo or apartment where an abundance of power and ventilation may be available.

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What Features Should a Washer and Dryer Combo Have for a Small House?

We took into account a number of components that an all-in-one washing machine and dryers ought to have for this particular use when compiling this list. Given the restricted area, you have to deal with, the unit’s dimensions and size were of the utmost importance. Other factors, such as the simplicity of installation, were also taken into consideration.

You should also search for the following qualities and features in a washing machine:

1. Simple to Use

Some washers and dryers feature difficult controls that frequently cause users to become confused. Who wants to do their clothes while repeatedly reading the instruction manual? We like washing machines that let you use your freshly cleaned garments after just a few simple steps.

2. Operation Noise

Washing machines may occasionally be rather noisy, which can be a major problem for those who live in compact homes. As a result, we also take the unit’s operating noise into account. To be included on this list, it must be silent or at least at a reasonable volume.

3. Saving Energy

Who wouldn’t want to reduce their electricity costs by a few dollars? Energy-saving washer and dryer sets received good marks from our reviewers. Both the environment and your money will benefit from the energy star.

4. Capacity for Load

Even though the majority of the washers on our list are compact, they all feature a significant load capacity. Consequently, you’ll be able to wash more clothes at once without taking up too much space.

5. Drum Elements

There are several different drum parts, including porcelain, plastic, and stainless steel. For a compact house, we chose a steel drum since it can take both hot and cold washing.

It might be difficult to find the appropriate washer and dryer set for your little house.

Despite the vast array of alternatives available, we hope this article has helped you identify the qualities a washing machine should have. If you think we missed something in our article, feel free to leave a comment or reach out to us by email.

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