Escape's 26' traveler ground floor plan which shows a sleeping area which is a separate room containing a built-in night stand and cabinet.

2 & 3 Bedroom Tiny House Plans Roundup: Great For Families

When some people think of tiny houses, they think of a small 16’ ‘cabin on wheels’ which has a single bedroom space that is fine for single people and couples, but clearly not fine for growing families with children. Equally you might not have $90,000 spare to buy a larger tiny house from a mainstream tiny house builder, so what are your options?

It’s worth looking at tiny house plans which specifically cater for 2 or 3 bedrooms, since these are designed with growing families in mind. Our roundup covers loads of perfect floor plans which you can build from (or hire out to get built).

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Two Bedroom Tiny House Plans

The first 2 bedroom tiny home we explore is the Tumblewood Elm 26’ model:

Tumbleweed's Elm Equator 26' floor plan, showing ground and loft floors.

We like the fact that the queen-size bed in the loft area still comes with some storage space, on the opposite side to the staircase. This is a good idea which is easy to overlook: a full-height storage unit (starting in the kitchen) which goes up to roof height. There is then a small but functional bathroom area, and hence space for a twin bed. This is a simple but effective 2-bedroom floor plan.

Next up is the Tumbleweed Farallon 26’ Alta L1 house:

Tumbleweed's Farallon Alta 26' floor plan, showing ground and loft floors.

Notice that the queen bedroom in the loft is much bigger here (compared to the Elm model), whilst the other loft is much smaller – offering only marginal storage space.

This helps to provide a “great room” down stairs which is good for a 26’ tiny home, along with space for a queen size bed. Storage space would limited in this design, but having two full queen beds is a nice benefit.

Are you planning to build your own tiny home? Check out these great (and partially free) eWorkshop modules from the experts over at We can absolutely recommend their great and detailed videos.

Next is the ESCAPE Traveller (a 26’ tiny house):

Escape's 26' traveler upper floor plan showing the master bedroom being in the upper loft, with space for a twin bed.

ESCAPE’s 26’ floor plan is interesting because it contains a decent sized bathroom with a tub, a living space with dining room table and a separate downstairs bedroom (plus the upstairs bedroom). However this comes at the cost of a kitchen. Even with our kitchen design tips, you might struggle if you enjoy cooking.

Another great tiny home with two bedrooms is the Turtle Tiny House from Humble-Homes

Humble-Homes has some very detailed plans for their Turtle tiny home with two bedrooms.

The turtle house is a relatively large tiny house built on wheels with a total living area of 230 square feet.

It provides enough space for a spacious kitchen, a bathroom with a shower and two bedrooms. One bedroom is in the loft which also has a large skylight window allowing some amazing views of the night sky. The other bedroom is downstairs with a folding Murphy bed.

This will enable you to completely use the room as a study or exercise room throughout the day and have a full bedroom at night. If you are interested in building this tiny house yourself, you can check out the detailed plans and construction guides at

The entire construction of the Turtle tiny house costs around $26,500 and you can get the detailed plans and construction guides for only $119 here. Other comparably detailed plans often go for $200-300.

Next is the Light Haus floor plan from Tiny House Plans:

Tiny House Plans' Light Haus design with a queen size bed upstairs and an office/twin-bed room downstairs.

Anything with exposed beams for a “yoga hammock” is an interesting design in our eyes!

This 24’ long tiny home plan packs quite a lot into it, with an upstairs bedroom with built-in storage along with another loft which could be for storage or an office space.

Downstairs, the bathroom size is slightly sacrificed to give a good size kitchen, living room and downstairs office/bed area. You could even watch TV on the wall-mounted TV from the comfort of your yoga hammock – a win win!

Next is the Tiny House Design’s two bedroom house design (with lots more designs on that page):

Tiny House Design's two bedroom house with a large queen size bed upstairs (and two bedside cabinets) along with a twin pull out couch downstairs to have a combined living and bedroom area.

We chosen this straightforward design to highlight how simple a two bedroom tiny home can be: a queen bed in the loft, and a pull-out couch in the living space.

This is probably good for visitors but perhaps not so good for a growing family. Nonetheless, this would be achievable on a fairly short (18-22’) tiny home.

Next is the CAD Pro example tiny house floor plan:

An example floor plan from CAD Pro showing two queen size beds upstairs, along with a living area downstairs which could - optionally - contain a pull out couch.

This floor plan has a utility area of sorts downstairs, providing extra work and washing-up space for the kitchen. Both loft areas are then designated as bedrooms, whilst there’s an optional space for a pull-out couch downstairs (offering a potential three bedroom design).

A similar designed tiny house with two bedrooms as the CAD Pro example above is The Element” 30-Feet Master on the Main from TinyHomeBuilders. You can have a closer look at the details and buy the detailed construction plans here at

Next is the Mitchcraft 18’ floor plan with two beds in the lofts:

Mitchcraft's 18' floor plan containing two beds, both in the loft areas - a rarity for a sub-20' tiny home, but storage space will suffer as a result.

This is similar to CAD Pro’s design actually, in that there are two bedrooms upstairs and then a seating area downstairs. This – like the CAD Pro design – would mean that storage space is lacking. The double-stair landing would, however, provide a good space for storage underneath it, and the downstairs seating could have in-built storage too.

Finally we look at a gooseneck which offers one of our favorite configurations, with Mitchcraft’s two bedder in a 33’ gooseneck:

A 33' gooseneck trailer with two queen beds in the loft/upper areas, both with in-built closet and storage space. This also contains a living room downstairs via seating area, separate to a breakfast bar area.

The reason we like this is that there are two queen beds, along with real, in-built storage units for clothes and other items. Downstairs then has seating with further storage, along with stairs that could also contain storage. In other words, whilst there is not a storage loft, you would not be short of storage space here.

Three Bedroom Tiny House Plans

The first 3 bedroom tiny home we look at is three-full-bed Tiny House Design floor plan:

A three-full-bed Tiny House Design floor plan with a twin and queen upstairs (no storage loft) and a queen bedroom (separate room) downstairs.

This three bedroom tiny house would have two bedroom lofts, but with fairly good storage provided in the lofts via the four cabinets. Downstairs then has a dedicated bedroom, again with storage cabinet space. The kitchen area is modest and there is space for a dining room table. All-in-all, this is a smart design which would be good for a family.

Next up is the Tumblewood Cypress 30’ model:

Tumblewood's Cypress 30' model which could contain a third bedroom as a pull-out couch in the 'great room', in addition to the two bedrooms (one upstairs and one downstairs).

You might be looking at the floor plan and only counting two bedrooms, and you’d be right. However the ‘great room’ would be the perfect place to either have cribs, or a pull-out couch – meaning 3 (or more) sleeping areas for families. Storage is also factored in with a small-but-effective storage loft.

Next is the family-friendly design from Tiny House Designs which contains smart cribs:

A 28' tiny house floor plan containing three beds upstairs (two twins squeezed into a single loft, plus a queen) and then a separate crib bunk downstairs which could fit another two children. In other words, there are six sleeping spaces available.

This is a well-planned floor plan which provides a rare idea – two twin beds in a single loft. This would be ideal for two older children. The separate queen bed would be for the parents, and there is then space for a crib bunk – perfect for two more (young) children! Okay maybe having six people under one (tiny) roof would be too much, but it shows that it could be possible – especially since the kitchen area is a good size and has a handy double sink.

Finally we have the following floor plan from Tiny House Design:

A 28' tiny house floor plan containing three beds upstairs (two twins squeezed into a single loft, plus a queen) and then a separate crib bunk downstairs which could fit another two children. In other words, there are six sleeping spaces available.

This 3D plan shows three separate beds in two loft bedrooms, but the two downstairs living areas could also house another bed – for four beds across three bedroom ‘zones’. The staggered lofts is a nice idea because more light and space is available to the downstairs living areas due to the full-height rooms.

Are you still looking for more inspiration and ideas for tiny homes? Check out the book Tiny House Designing, Building & Living on Amazon. This is something like the tiny house bible. It covers every important aspect from how to simplify your life to great design ideas, tips on how to build your own house, legal situation, financing and much more.

Trade-Offs With 2/3 Bedroom Tiny Homes

A bigger tiny house which can accommodate 2 or 3 bedrooms can instead be used to add extra storage space, or a large kitchen and more comfortable bathroom. So even if you can fit in extra bedrooms, it is worth considering what you will lose out on by opting for the extra bedroom:

  • If your extra bedroom is in the ‘spare’ loft, you will lose a very valuable storage space. A ‘storage loft’ can offer dozens of square foot of storage and you will almost certainly notice not having this extra storage – unless you live a very minimalist lifestyle.
  • If your extra bedroom is instead downstairs, you either need to buy a larger-than-average couch (as your pull-out bed) or have a wall mounted bed which can be expensive, and will prevent you having furniture in-front of this pull-down bed area.
  • Equally if your downstairs bedroom is in a separate room, the kitchen, living area and bathroom will all have to be made smaller to compensate. Fitting four distinct rooms into the downstairs of a tiny house will be a struggle, especially when you have children running around and free space is even more valuable.
  • There will naturally be an extra cost of having an extra bedroom (or two bedrooms) compared to having an empty loft area (for storage) or slightly larger downstairs rooms (and no separate downstairs bedroom): something which could run into the thousands.
  • A 30’ (or more) tiny house on wheels with lots of furniture and possessions inside it might be a bit too heavy to practically tow with a standard tow truck. You might be fine, or you might be too close to the towing weight limit and thus opt for a larger – and more expensive – tow vehicle. Either way, bigger doesn’t always mean better!

Tiny House Builders For 2/3 Bedrooms

If you are looking to take these plans and get someone else to build them for you, check out our comprehensive tiny house builder directory to locate builders in your area who can pick up the job.

However you might also want to go with an off-the-shelf option (i.e. using their own designs). Other than small builders aiming at 20’ or less tiny homes, most builders in our directory will make 2 or 3 bedroom tiny houses.

A selection of ones who do this without being too expensive are:

  • BB Tiny Homes who allow you to build/customize their tiny homes from their website, giving various options for multiple bedrooms. Their smalles houses start at $62,000.
  • The ESCAPE 26’ Traveller is $66,000 (or $419/month on financing) and can accommodate either an upstairs (loft) second bedroom or downstairs room with a bed: a nice option if your little one has outgrown sleeping in a cot or your bed.
  • Tumbleweed Tiny Houses are always worth checking out since they offer various options for multiple bedrooms – both upstairs and downstairs. Their Cypress 26’ model has a dedicated downstairs bedroom (with space for a twin bed) for $65,959 – and you could always use the second loft as an extra bedroom to get a 3 bedroom tiny house.