7 of the Best Tiny House Bed Ideas

The bedroom, with double bed, bedside cabinets on both sides, four windows and various ceiling and wall lights.

Having a minimalist tiny home usually means you’re working with less space than a traditional house, but that doesn’t mean you need to have a small or uncomfortable sleeping area. You just need to get creative.   

There are lots of great tiny house bed ideas to draw from, from loft-style setups to DIY elevator beds, that are all designed to maximize the horizonal and vertical space in your bedroom design, so that everything in your tiny house works together in harmony.  

If you’re building a new home, or want to improve the one you already own, here’s a list of our favorite bedroom ideas for small spaces to inspire you.   

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1.Loft Bedroom  

Loft bedrooms are one of the most popular bed styles for tiny houses with limited space. Think of them like an attic — they’re usually on the second floor of your tiny home and accessible by stairs, where you can put your bed to sleep on.  

Loft bedrooms take advantage of your vertical space, and you won’t have to worry about a bed taking up tons of room in your floor layout. You can also use the space underneath the loft for something like a kitchen or living area, and they’re wonderful for tiny homes that need multiple bedrooms, since you can put an extra bed below.  

You could also try building a tiny house loft bed with a hammock underneath on the main floor, so you have one spot for a restful night’s sleep, and another just for a calm afternoon nap. You don’t necessarily need a narrow mattress, either — lofts typically have plenty of room.   

Here’s some tips for choosing a new mattress for your loft bedroom, and we think that Ikea’s Morgedal foam mattress is an affordable and comfortable choice to buy. Plus, if you do happen to have a tighter loft, it’s thin enough to comfortably fit.


Product specifications

  • Comes in Twin, King, Queen and Full sizes.

The Good

  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Foam
  • Firm
  • Roll packed
  • Washable cover

2. Beds by a Window  

Natural light is important for tiny homes, since it can brighten up your small space and make it appear larger and more open. Putting your bed by the windows lets in plenty of light — and waking up in the morning to gentle beams of sunlight on your face is a wonderful feeling.   

This farmhouse style tiny house on wheels in Connecticut makes great use of windows on the sides of the bed in their loft bedroom. Natural light from four large windows by the bed fills the space, which makes the whole vibe more open and breezier.   

If your tiny home, RV, or shipping container is situated somewhere off-grid in nature, you’ll probably have a relaxing view while you’re chilling in bed. Imagine looking out at a beautiful forest, while listening to calming raindrops patter against the glass? Sign me up!


3. Murphy Beds for Small Spaces  

Murphy bed from Wayfair, fold up and gray

Murphy beds are another one of the best bed designs for small rooms since they’re easy to store away. They fold up neatly into a contained unit, so that you can make the most of your tiny space while you aren’t asleep. When you need to get some shut eye, just pull the mattress down and lock the bed into place.  

There was some fear in the past that Murphy beds could close on you while you’re sleeping. That’s happened before with some earlier models when it was first invented, but with modern tech, it’s not something you should worry about. Just be careful when you’re packing it away, and you’re golden!    

Check out the popular and comfy Colquitt Murphy Bed if you’re in the market for one — it comes in four different colors, including a sleek white or bark grey, and you can get it either full or queen sized.   

Here’s another fancier murphy bed to check out from Zoom-Room if you love the idea of hide away beds for small spaces. Their SmartBeds are motorized murphy beds, so you wouldn’t need to manually pull it up and down every day, and they roll up into their own handy cabinet with the click of a button.    

picture of a murphy bed in a white background

Product specifications

  • Frame Material: Manufactured Wood
  • Box Spring Required: No
  • Mattress Included: No
  • Weight Capacity: 1000 lb
  • Adult Assembly Required: Yes
  • Compatible with Adjustable Bed: No
  • Recommended Mattress Thickness (Queen Size): 12”
  • Recommended Mattress Thickness (Full Size): 10′

Comes in Full and Queen size.

4. Beds with Storage Space  

glamour shot of storage closet bed silk & snow

When you’re living in a tiny home, it’s important that you make the most out of any space you’re given, and that includes your bed.   

There’s lots of opportunity to integrate more storage into your bedroom, so here are some storage ideas. If you love to read, for example, try using the walls around you as vertical storage and build a wooden shelf for your books. Your favorite novel will always be within reach to read before falling asleep.  

There are also plenty of storage beds that are built with drawers or cupboards underneath, or that you can pull up with hinges, so you have some extra room to keep all your clothes or trinkets safely tucked away.   

For those looking for a new storage bed for their small house, we think that the Silk & Snow Bed Frame is a great choice. It’s sleek and well designed, and it’s not obvious that it doubles as storage.   

Silk and snow storage

Product specifications

  • One drawer at foot of the bed provides ample storage space
  • Unobtrusive design with a minimalist aesthetic
  • Designed in Canada
  • Financing available
  • Add-ons, small night stand and Duvet
  • Comes in three colors (Pebble, Oatmeal and Granite)
  • Slats are optimized for no noise!

Comes in Full, Queen and King sizes.

5. Tiny House Bunk Beds

Picture of a bunk bed in a small room

You can also maximize your vertical space in small bedrooms using bunk beds, which are a classic for kids who need to share a room. The top bed is accessible with a ladder, and sometimes you’ll even find models with added storage underneath for even more functionality.  

Some bunk bed models have a desk underneath instead, so you can easily set up a little workspace in your tiny home if you just need a sleeping area for yourself.  

Looking for a bunk bed to buy? We like the Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Bed from DHP — it’s affordable, sturdy, has extra storage built-in, and comes in plenty of colors. You can opt for the twin over full, too, if you have a younger and an older kid.  

Glamour shot with white background of amazon BHP bed

Product specifications

  • Size: Twin/Twin
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Silver
  • Furniture finish: Metallic
  • Style: Bunk Bed
  • Brand: DHP
  • Item Weight: 74 Pounds
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 225 Pounds, 200 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 19

Only in Twin/Twin configuration.

6.Multifunctional Convertible Beds  

Multi-functional bed from wayfair

Also called sofa beds, these look like a couch during the day, but when it’s time to sleep, a mattress can be pulled from behind the seating cushions to form a bed.   

They’re the ideal piece of furniture for almost any living room space, and they’re a great way to have an extra space for your guests to sleep.  

One of the best convertible beds for small rooms is the Kayden 84″ Wide Reversible Sleeper Sofa & Chaise that comes in a stylish blue chenille color. It converts into a cozy queen-sized bed, and the chaise has some added storage space for pillows, blankets, or anything else. 

product dimensions of this kayden wayfair model

Product specifications

  • What’s Included: 1 Chaise, 1 Sofa, Ottoman
  • The sleeper sectional converts into a queen-size bed when reclined and used with the ottoman (sold separately.)
  • Storage Space Included: Yes
  • Seating Capacity: 3
  • Cushion Construction: Foam
  • Design: Sleeper

7. DIY Retractable Ceiling Bed  

Tiny bed hand crank strategy

As seen in the Te Whare Nukunuku modern tiny house in New Zealand, DIY retractable ceiling beds (also called elevator beds) can be a handy space saver. The bed itself is stowed near the ceiling, and when it’s time for shut eye, it can be brought down closer to the floor using a hand crank.   

This home also has a sofa bed underneath with extra storage, and if the ceiling bed is pulled down halfway, there’s two spots for people to sleep — it’s like a bunk bed.   

Overall, these DIY ceiling beds are a useful sleeping solution, but they can be harder to buy. You’ll likely need to hire a professional to make one for you — or learn how to do the woodworking yourself.   

Frequently Asked Questions about Tiny House Bedrooms  

What is the most common sleeping arrangement for tiny house living?  

The three most popular sleeping arrangements for a tiny home’s house design are loft bedrooms, murphy beds and bunk beds. While we covered them above, here’s a quick review and comparison:  

Loft Bedrooms — Lofts, like the 53.75 square feet per person tiny cabin in France, are on the second floor and accessible by a ladder, so you’re free to have open spaces below without needing to account for a whole bed.  

Murphy Beds — These are great room saver beds since they tuck up out of the way when not used as a sleeping space. Some models also work as cabinets, which can give you even more room to store your things.  

Bunk Beds — These aren’t just great for kids and teens, but you can use them for more than one person to sleep comfortably in a tight space. Some bunk beds have a desk underneath instead, or can have a little living area underneath, so there are many ways to use them.  

If you need even more bed inspiration, tiny home tour videos online are a helpful resource to see how others have designed their small bedrooms.  

How can you fit a king size bed in a tiny house?  

Fitting a king mattress and bed in your tiny home will require some creativity, just like with small apartments, but for those who need a roomy spot to sleep, you can probably do it. First, you’ll need to double check there’s a room with enough space for it. If you haven’t already built your tiny home yet, see our article here for some tiny house floor plan inspiration and make a bedroom big enough, or, hire an architect to design it for you.   

From there, you can use many of the popular sleeping arrangements mentioned above to fit your king bed and make the most of your space. Loft or murphy style beds will be your best bet, since trundles and bunks don’t often come in king. But, if your tiny home doesn’t have the space to fit a king mattress even just lying flat, I’m sorry to say you won’t have much luck!   

What is a trundle bed, and why is it good for a tiny home?  

Another style you’ll often see is called a trundle bed. It’s a bed that has another one underneath that rolls out, so that you can have an extra sleeping spot. You’ll usually find them in twin or single sizes, which means they won’t take up too much space when bundled together.   

Trundle beds can be a great choice for homeowners with downstairs bedrooms or guest rooms, since they’ll be out of the way and can expand to fit more people (hello, sleepovers!). The Barrett Twin Solid Wood Daybed from Trule is a well-made, comfortable option, that teens and kids especially would love.  

Loft bed vs. Murphy bed vs. trundle bed, which one is better?  

Loft bedrooms are probably the best of the three for your living space, since they utilize so much vertical room that’s easy to waste otherwise, and they can usually fit larger mattresses. If you don’t already have a loft built into your tiny home, though, or don’t have the means to add one, you’re out of luck there. Murphy beds and trundle beds are both effective space savers when you can’t change up the tiny house itself.   

What are some of the other best sleeping solutions for small spaces?  

Hammock Bed — Some people don’t need a traditional mattress to sleep on and prefer something more fun in their small home, like a hammock bed. You can make an entire loft out of a hammock to sleep on, which is a clever way to create more space without changing up the infrastructure.   

Water Bed — If your home has enough room for one, water beds are another great alternative with some added health benefits. They conform to your body effectively, so there’s no resistance or pressure on your joints.   

What are some important things to look for in buying a bed for a tiny home?  

Choosing a bed idea for your tiny house comes down to three important factors: space, budget, and comfort.  

Space — You need to choose a bed that’ll fit in your space. Depending on how small your tiny home’s dimensions are, you might be limited to specific sleeping solutions. If you don’t have a loft, for example, and don’t have the space or resources to build one, you might need to consider a Murphy or convertible bed to make the most of your bedroom.  

Budget — You’ll also need to think about your budget, and some tiny house bed ideas are more costly to install than others. Murphy beds, for example, can run you at least a couple thousand dollars, so if you already have a loft space you need to fill and don’t want to spend too much money, getting a mattress for your loft might be the best idea. Some of the design ideas here are mostly DIY, too, like the retractable ceiling beds or hammock beds, so they can be cheaper to set up if you’re willing to put in the elbow grease.   

Comfort — Don’t pick a bed that isn’t comfy for you! You know your body and sleeping style best but try to go for a nice memory foam mattress or water bed that’ll be cozy on your back, and don’t choose something like a hammock bed if it won’t support your body properly.