Welcome to our website, Super Tiny Homes. The ability to see a small space, and transform it into an amazing tiny house or backyard office is great to see, and this website aims to capture such ingenious buildings.

Outside view of this THOW built by Kevin from Eastford, Connecticut, showing power coming in and 5 windows.

Super Tiny Homes covers two main areas on this website:

  1. Tiny houses. This is a small dwelling no bigger than 400 square foot (37 square metres), but still with all the amenities that you would expect from a home: a living area, a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom space. Oh yes, and storage space for all your items, too! It can be difficult to fit all this into such a small space, but people frequently achieve this: often with builds that are less than 250 square foot as well.

    A tiny house is most commonly built onto a specially designed trailer on wheels, known as a ‘tiny house on wheels’ (THOW). This is convenient because you can easily move to other neighborhoods or even states! An alternative to this, though, is to build onto a fixed foundation. This gives greater stability and is more secure, but naturally means you are tied down (literally!) to that one area. See all our tiny home-related articles to learn more (or simply to get inspired!), and the ultimate directory of tiny house builders if you are looking to buy a tiny house.

  2. Backyard offices. Some people find working from their home (or an office space with other people) too noisy and chaotic; with it being too hard to focus on your own work. In this case, building an office in your backyard (essentially an office shed or garden room) could be the answer to your problems. It is possible to build one for $3,500 or less, which pays for itself (compared to shared office space) in a matter of months. See our backyard office-related articles.

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