Tower Garden Journal #1

Our team has purchased three of these beautiful products and are currently trying different types of leafy vegetables.

Here are some of the results from our first batch of seeds. 

Here is a mixture of Kale and Spinach that we grew over the last month. Kale and spinach seem to be the easiest things to grow within the Tower Garden as they’re resilient. Also, while Kale and Spinach isn’t extremely expensive at the store – if you dedicate your entire tower to the spinach and can provide the appropriate amount of sunlight (whether that’s UV lamps or natural sunlight), you will end up getting roughly 1 to 2 KGs. worth of vegetables from one batch. I personally like spinach and kale because it can last long in the refrigerator and you can also freeze it for smoothies (which will quadruple the life extension). 

Basil leaves was also something that was extremely easy to grow. Anyone with outdoor or indoor garden knows that basil can sprout up like a weed (and you end up having more than you need).

Basil leaves

The one thing that’s nice about the tower garden is you know you will only get a certain amount of basil leaves because the size of the pod restricts root growth. This makes the leaves large, while keeping the plant somewhat manageable.

What’s also fantastic about the tower garden is the lack of need for soil and maintenance. All we did was add the seeds and pods (I will write an article about this) and watch these little suckers grow.

From a gardening perspective, this is much lower maintenance than planting outside or even having indoor pots.

Ultimately, this is our first foray into Tower Gardens and it won’t be our last. Stay tuned for more in-depth walkthroughs as we build out our tiny home tower gardens!