Useful Tiny House And Backyard Offices Resources

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The tiny house community is booming right now, with lots of products/services, TV shows, advice and websites covering it. This is great to see, and we wanted to build this page to highlight some of the favorite resources we have come across. Equally, increasing numbers of people are working from home and therefore exploring backyard offices, which we cover towards the end of this resources page.

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Tiny House Resources

f you are interested in building your own tiny house, the tiny house DIY book is a great 180+ page with 168 color photos and lots of instructions. Whilst if you want the convenience of buying one, check out our full directory of tiny house builders which covers all American states and some other countries around the world.

There are some great TV shows and books covering tiny houses to help get you further inspired:


Just click on the links to get to the detailed overview for the respective books on Amazon.

Tiny House Living: Ideas For Building and Living Well In Less than 400 Square Feet

The book ‘Tiny House Living: Ideas For Building and Living Well In Less than 400 Square Feet’ was written in 2014 by Ryan Mitchell (of and it is a great treasure trove of information about all aspect of tiny house living.

Micro Shelters

An in-depth look at 59 unique, innovative “microshelters” – i.e. tiny houses and similar small buildings – by Derek Diedricksen, published in 2015.

Dan Louche’s Tiny House: Design and Construction Guide

Dan Louche’s Tiny House: Design and Construction Guide shows you the entire road map you need to go from bare ground (or trailer!) to your very own tiny house.

Micro Living

If you liked microshelters, you will probably love microliving: it is from the same author (Derek Diedricksen) and it was published in 2018 containing the very latest pictures, tips and tricks for modern day tiny house living.

Tiny House: Designing, Building, and Living

This 2017-published book by Andrew and Gabriella Morrison aims to be a one-stop guide for all aspects of tiny house designing/building and living, and it is a good size book at over 300 pages.

The New Small House

Katie Hutchison’s The New Small House is another “show and tell” type book, with 275 photos and 30 _”detailed illustrations”_ to help inspire you.

TV Shows

Tiny House Big Living

This TV show has been running from 2014 and it celebrates the movement of buyers opting to live in spaces smaller than 500 square feet (not available in Europe).

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Tiny House Nation

Tiny House Nation has been running from 2014, with episodes aired this year (by FYI) and available on Netflix, it tracks buyers and builders who aim for spaces no bigger than 300 square foot (not available in Europe).

Tiny House Hunters

This realtor-led show helps buyers downsize to “tiny houses” which are 600 square feet or less. Airing on HGTV, this show has also been around since 2014 (not available in Europe).

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

British architect George Clarke has been running around the country (and parts of Europe) tracking amazing small space builds since 2012, in this inspiring TV show which caters for tiny houses, backyard offices, RVs and more.

Tiny House World

Tiny House World aired for two years from 2015 to 2016 from network FYI, with this world-centric TV show covering tiny houses anywhere outside of America. Several videos from the show can be found on Youtube.

Tiny House Australia

This Australian TV show also tracks tiny houses, although it only had a single season (in 2015) before not being comissioned further. It is still an interesting watch though, especially to see an Aussie perspective on the tiny house movement. Show is not online anymore.

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Other Sites

We have also found the following websites and articles to be really helpful:

  • Tiny House Blog: as the name suggests, this is a blog all about tiny houses! It is frequently updated and has some nice articles, so it is worth checking it out.
  • Tiny Home Builders: these guys have lots of useful videos, plans, construction guides and even a building service to help you achieve your tiny house dream.
  • Tiny House Listings: an online marketplace where you can buy and sell tiny houses, if the time ever comes where you want to move on.

Backyard Office Resources

backyard office can be a great DIY project, especially as they usually do not require plumbing. Our comprehensive step by step illustrated DIY guide covers the steps in great detail and it is completely free (no signs up nor annoying pop-ups, either!) so is worth checking out. If you do not want to start completely from scratch, our following articles will help you out: