window withs modern kitchen hudson tiny home, with two seated areas.

Crawford compact homes review

Welcome to a twist on a 21st century super tiny home.

The Hudson is a 30 x 8.5-foot high quality tiny house on wheels made by Crawford Compact Homes, a family-owned business based in Canada. A new venture and offshoot of Crawford Construction and Renovations that’s been around for over eight years, the family has over a decade of experience in residential construction and building new homes.

This is the family’s first tiny home model that sleeps up to five people and has several stunning features, including an engineered triple 7,000 LB axle steel base frame, closed-cell spray foam walls and rigid tiny house insulation floor system, pine walls and ceiling, vinyl flooring, and high-end appliances.

Here’s all about this tiny home that’s all about keeping things as minimal yet as effective as possible. It was also the company’s feature product at Canada’s Tiny Home Show in Ancaster, Ontario on August 6, 2022.

The Hudson tiny home by Crawford Compact Homes

picture of hudson with chairs empty tiny home

Not-so tiny kitchen with a bar

The Hudson’s kitchen is more like a “kitchen bar”, serving also as a dining room. Equipped with a deep sink with high-end fixtures, built-in dishwasher, low-profile microwave, speed oven, and refrigerator, its quartz countertop extends out to a table that comfortably sits (and eats!) two. The pot lights that overlook the sink make for a nice ambiance for when you’re cooking or wish to enjoy a romantic dinner.

There are several cabinets underneath the sink and countertop, however, they may be limiting to homeowners looking for more storage space.

window withs modern kitchen hudson tiny home, with two seated areas.

The Hudson’s kitchen with a bar that extends out into the living room

kitchen-cook top-area-for-tiny-homes

A closeup of the Hudson’s kitchen bar with a speed oven and low-profile microwave

built in fridge and washing machine under the stairs

High-end kitchen appliances, fridge and dishwasher.

A bathroom with stunning interior and walk-in shower

When you’re in the Hudson’s bathroom, you forget that you’re in a less than 400-square foot place. Separated into two sections, the first has a modern vanity with a deep sink and a quartz countertop, medicine cabinet, white tiling, a light fixture that gives off a warm, spa-like ambiance, and a washer and dryer combo.

The second section of the bathroom is a stunning walk-in shower surrounded by glass doors and dark tiling on the walls, and – of course – the toilet!

Allowing for plenty of privacy, this bathroom is truly a reflection of modern-day home design.

Modern-day bathroom designKitchen sink and mirror lights

A separate walk-in shower and toilet

washroom composting toilets

A living space with a hidden room

full shot of hudson tiny home in the loft

The Hudson’s living room is a natural continuation of the kitchen bar that leads to a leather couch and a TV projector. Notice that large windows surround the entire interior of the home, allowing for plenty of natural light to come in at all times of the year.

In the middle of the room is a mini-split air conditioning and heat pump that acts as a heater for tiny home.

The living room

The real gem of this space is a room that’s easily missed unless you look up. Above the couch and seating area is a second bedroom loft that allows for a double bed – perfect for a family of two or three small kids.

To get up to the second bedroom, the builders showed off their workmanship with a cleverly installed ladder that sits inside the frame of the bedroom “floor” and pulls out as you need it.

How’s that for tiny house bed ideas!

The ladder underneath the second bedroom extends out so you can climb up to your roomtrundle stairs

Master bedroom loft

The master bedroom is defined by its ample storage space all along the back wall. Two large windows allow for natural light to come through with a screen that can open on those hot summer days. The bedroom is large and spacey enough to walk in and out of, or just roam about.

However, for both the master and second bedroom lofts, you should be prepared to feel comfortable in an open space, as they are separated by a glass fixture, leaving little room for privacy.

The master bedroom loft with storage along the wall in lieu of a headboard

loft bedroom

The staircase leading up to the bedroom has built-in storage “boxes” 

storage in stairs

Lots of natural light as you move up the staircase and into the main bedroom


What we thought overall

Crawford Compact Homes’ the Hudson is a stunningly modern super tiny home that’s super charged with super cool things like a hidden ladder that will take you to the second bedroom loft. The house catches your attention the moment you walk in with its minimalistic yet beautiful home décor, and the fact that it can literally be a tiny version of someone’s recently renovated apartment or condo in the city.

However, storage space throughout the home is lacking, in particular in the kitchen and second bedroom. Some may find the kitchen’s bar an unnecessary use of space that could be better used for additional cabinetry. Also, the fact that both bedrooms are separated by glass may not work for those looking for more privacy.

To get started with Crawford, or for any questions, visit their website or reach out to us at Super Tiny Homes at [email protected].


ZeroSquared Tiny Homes Review

Dare to be different: ZeroSquared tiny homes lets people downside without downgrading

Priding itself in creating homes that are tailored to its homeowners, ZeroSquared is a designer and manufacturer of high-end homes based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For example, their top-selling model, the Aurora is an expandable home design that allows for more comfort and accessibility to those who are unable to use a ladder or narrow steps to get up to the second floor.

In fact, all the company’s designs are created on the premise of allowing people to downsize without downgrading. Their overall goal is to create a luxurious tiny living space that combines modern architecture with concepts that allow people to better adjust to and feel comfortable with small space and rustic living.

In this post, we’ll walk you through two of ZeroSquared’s tiny homes: The “Scando” 25-foot Jaunt tiny home, and “Silver Falls” 34-foot Willow tiny home. Both are a combination of maintenance-free engineered wood and commercial steel siding. However, while they are similar, there are notable differences to consider.

A guide to the “Scando” 25-foot Jaunt tiny home

The Jaunt is a Nordic-inspired cozy tiny house on wheels that sleeps up to four people and is equipped with a full-sized kitchen, bathroom, and appliances. Its floor plan includes a main floor ceiling that measures 10 feet above ground, nicely accommodating taller dwellers, and provides an open, spacey atmosphere. With the bedroom loft included, the Jaunt measures a comfortable 267 square feet (sqft), with an optional deck that adds an extra 25 sqft of space.

There’s a total of 10 residential windows throughout the home allowing for plenty of natural light and fresh air to circulate.


ZeroSquared’s the “Scando” 25-foot Jaunt tiny home

The home does not have a detachable trailer system. However, the wheels can be removed by unbolting them from the axle. The chassis can also be attached to a permanent foundation.


The entryway and optional deck

If you purchase the Scando super tiny home, you have the option of adding a three-foot deck and/or patio door entry with a key lock. The deck is large enough to fit a small coffee table and two chairs. The sliding patio door sets a nice stage for a sophisticated interior of the entire home.


Optional open deck with optional sliding patio door entry 


A front-view of the living room, kitchen, and stairs leading up to the bedroom loft

The ground floor

The main living room of the Jaunt tiny home is fused with a modern kitchen with a stove, low-profile microwave, storage cabinets that span across the length of one wall, deep sink, refrigerator, and a dishwasher. The dark appliances and sharp, clean backsplash beautifully compliment the oak wood finish throughout the entire home.


Deep kitchen sink


Modern kitchen with oak wood finish

However, the kitchen cabinets that extend all the way out to the front of the home and are built to ceiling height may be difficult to access, especially those items that are needed on a regular basis.

Installed on the divider of the main bedroom loft is a closed cell spray foam and mini split heat/air conditioning for heater for tiny home and cooling for warmer states.

The bi-step stairs leading up to the bedroom loft are a traditional rise and run, but also cleverly built in the shape of open blocks, leaving room for storing oversize items like pots and cutting boards. How’s that for storage ideas for tiny homes!


However, these bi-step stairs are also not practical. Because they are narrow and tall, they will be a challenge to those with knee and leg issues, small children, are injured, or are elderly. This is particularly true if you need to use the stairs when it’s dark. Also, when compared to other tiny homes like the Fritz’s Macdonald build, these stairs don’t have any lights installed in them. All this doesn’t really fall in line with the company’s philosophy of creating more accessible homes.


Stairs in the form of open “blocks” for storage that are very tall and narrow and not very accessible

The bathroom is located at the back of the home. It’s small but compact, with a walk-in shower, vanity with a built-in washer and dryer combo, and a medicine cabinet overlooking the sink. Future tiny homebuyers have the option of adding an on-site tub as well for an added cost.

The toilet is residential, but a compost toilet can be added to the house plan at the buyer’s request. The closeness of the kitchen and the washroom (while sensible and similar to some tiny homes) can make this feel cramped and a little gross. There’s a stove and sink for cooking four feet away from the toilet!


Washroom with walk-in shower


Vanity with built-in washer and dryer combo, and medicine cabinet overlooking the sink


Walk-in shower

Main bedroom loft


Finally, the Scando’s master bedroom is an 80-square foot queen bed loft, measuring four feet from floor to ceiling, with two large windows on either side and a large dresser with drawers near the stairs.

On one side of the bed is space for a small nightstand that can hold a lamp and more for your reading needs.


A dresser near the stairs that still leaves room to comfortably move around the bedroom

The Scando Jaunt tiny home sells at a starting price of $82,500 (USD) and $104,500 (CAD).

A guide to the “Silver Falls” 34-foot Willow tiny home


ZeroSquared’s first shed roof tiny home on wheels is a 34-foot space with a Western red on black exterior finish. It features two bedrooms, a sliding entry door, and 14 residential windows. It’s a larger space than the Jaunt, measuring up to 463 sqft with the bedroom loft included. The roof and higher ceilings give the Willow more of an airy, spacious feel like that of a regular-sized home and in contrast to the Jaunt (which felt confining and stuffy).


Shed roof above the entryway

The main floor

Willow with a full set of people examining the living room

On the main, ground floor of Silver Falls is a full size kitchen equipped with all appliances (including stove, low-profile microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator) with a Nordic-inspired wood finish. Directly overlooking the kitchen and living room space is a modern light fixture that adds to the rustic look of this tiny home.

When compared to the Jaunt, there is less cabinetry and storage space in Willow’s kitchen. However, it’s more accessible and unlikely to require a ladder to reach.


Willow’s fill size kitchen


Modern light fixture overlooking the living room and kitchen

The bathroom is a replica of the one in the Jaunt tiny house, except for the darker wood finish for the vanity and a brighter wall color.


Silver Fall’s bathroom 

As with the Jaunt, the walk-in shower can be turned into a tub at the homeowners’ request and for an extra cost. The toilet is residential, but a compost toilet can be subbed in instead.


Walk-in shower

The main floor is also home to the Willow’s second bedroom (surprise!), tucked at the very back and adjacent to the bathroom. It’s spacey and homey, and large enough to fit a queen bed. This type of design and structure makes sense, with the bedroom and bathroom being so close (unlike the Jaunt, where its the kitchen and bathroom side-by-side).

Willow backroom bedroom for queen bed

Queen bed on ground floor

Second floor loft


The main bedroom is a 114-square foot queen bed loft. This space is wide and long, with room for a nightstand on either side of the bed and plenty of space to move around. As with all tiny homes, there are two large windows on either side. From the floor up, the loft measures four feet, which is a bit small for taller folks.

While this loft is roomy, some may find storage a bit lacking, with not enough tiny house bed ideas. In fact, the room looks almost empty from the top of the stairs, aside from the bed. It can definitely use a few more upgrades to save you from kicking in your own DIY ideas for this space.

Like the Jaunt, there are tall and narrow bi-step stairs leading up to the bedroom loft that are traditional rise and run and built in the form of blocks for extra storage ideas for tiny homes. However, as mentioned earlier, they create many accessibility challenges.

The Silver Falls Willow tiny home sells starting at $109,500 (USD) and $137,500 (CAD).

All ZeroSquared models are built for all kinds of climates, from frigid Canadian winters to desert-like conditions. This is thanks to the company’s high quality building materials, construction, and closed cell spray foam insulation for tiny house insulation that far exceed those of building codes in residential homes.

In addition, the standard model for both tiny homes are offgrid. However, ZeroSquared recommends working with an external specialist solar company to take their homes offgrid, which can cost an additional $15,000 to $20,000 (CAD).

Finally, both homes offer wireless and satellite options at the homebuyers’ preference.

Currently, ZeroSquared homes can only be delivered across Canada and the United States.

What we thought overall

Overall, both of ZeroSquared’s tiny Jaunt and Willow homes are beautifully designed with a modern flair and warm, inviting interior. The bi-step stairs stand out from any others that we’ve seen in a tiny home. However, both models face several challenges that potential buyers should consider:

  • The significantly smaller Jaunt feels more confined and crammed as opposed to the larger, spacier, and more airy feel of the Willow.
  • Lack of storage space in the kitchen – not enough cabinetry in the Willow and cabinets that may be too high up for regular use in the Jaunt.
  • Tall and narrow staircase that are difficult to access for people with injuries, leg or knee issues, children, and the elderly.
  • Lack of tiny house bed ideas when it comes to storage in the Willow.
  • Wood countertop finish in the kitchen, which means that extra care will need to be taken so as to not cause permanent damage (i.e., by directly cutting or prepping food on the countertop).
  • Additional liaison with an external specialist solar company to take the home offgrid.
  • High cost of both homes (e.g., over $150,000 for an offgrid Willow model).

The storage challenges do raise the question of whether clients can truly go down the downsizing route without downgrading with ZeroSquared’s homes.

However, both of these tiny homes are customizable and ZeroSquared does offer options like adding a tub to the bathroom and wireless and satellite options at the homebuyers’ request.

To get started with ZeroSquared tiny home builder, or other tiny homes like Acorntinyhomes, visit their website or reach out to Super Tiny Homes at [email protected].

The front door of the macdonald tiny home by fritz tiny homes

Fritz Tiny Home Review

Compact luxury dwelling for all climates: A guide to Fritz Tiny Homes

While the tiny home movement has been around for a few years, dozens of new tiny home builders appear every year, with the attention of fueling the market demand for more sustainable, affordable housing.

Enter Kevin and Heather Fritz from Spruce Grove Alberta they’re the dynamic duo behind Fritz Tiny Homes, a compact high-end dwelling solution to tiny living. Together, they make super tiny living dreams come true while maximizing every inch of space for maximum comfort and any climate. 

These tiny house builders offer two types of builds: Custom and a “spec model” with a fixed floor plan (that can be customized to the client). All their tiny homes are made with metal siding for a maintenance-free exterior. However, they also come with a higher price range. 

Learn the philosophy behind Fritz Tiny Homes living that’s all about pushing the boundaries on how big tiny space living can actually be!

The Macdonald custom build for a retired couple hungry for new adventures

The Macdonald custom tiny house on wheels is a full off-grid home that prides itself in a design created entirely around its clients’ lifestyle. It’s a 32-foot home with a gooseneck that allows for easing towing than the more traditional bumper pull, and features a beautiful living room, full kitchen, luxury bathroom with a soaker tub, full-standing master bedroom that also serves as a home office, custom furniture, and a built-in sound and projector system. 

There are no fenders or wheel wells in this model. Instead, the home’s underfoot holds 100-gallon fresh and gray water tanks that help address some of its challenges like having infloor heating.  

The house has two entrances: One from the back and the second from the front that’s wide enough to serve as a deck and enjoy your morning coffee (or tea). 

The front door of the macdonald tiny home by fritz tiny homes

The Macdonald custom tiny home on wheels from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. A retired advantageous couple plan to travel North America in this tiny home!


The Macdonald custom super tiny home

The Macdonald custom build is truly an inspiration for what retirement and minimalism can look like in a super tiny home.

A living room with a twist – or two

The living room is the first area you enter from the front of the Macdonald. It’s a cozy space with a front “closet”, a blind that comes down and turns into a TV projector, a soundbar that’s cleverly mounted underneath the window stool, and a comfy couch. 

The couch is the best part – while it may look like an ordinary couch at first glance, it actually lifts and becomes a Bunkie that sleeps up to two. It’s formally called the Gemini.


The Macdonald living room


TV projector in living room

Gemini bunkie bed in a Tiny home

The Gemini Bunkie bed

A tiny kitchen with big functionality and optimum cabinetry


The custom kitchen looks small compared to other tiny homes’ kitchens, but that’s it. In reality, it’s a neatly designed area where everything is deliberately tucked in for maximum use of space. We all know how much room kitchen appliances and gadgets can take, but the Fritz family also knows how to creatively and functionally place them in a tiny home. 

Maximizing usable space in the kitchen

For example, the microwave is installed out of the way in a custom storage unit that serves as a divide between the kitchen and bathroom. In another example, the kitchen table is actually a set of two. The second table is tucked in underneath the first, unnoticeable to the naked eye, and can be easily pulled out and used as a coffee table in the living room. 


A closeup of the Macdonald full-functioning kitchen

In addition, there’s lots of prep space around the Furrion cooktop with a hood vent, and even a pantry hidden away brilliantly between the refrigerator and wall for storing spices, oils, and everything else. The custom pantry also features adjustable shelves.

The countertops are a clean wood finish, and while not as durable as quartz or granite, it gives the kitchen the feeling of a high-end home. However, the downside is that it’s best to avoid prepping food on this type of surface as cuts and scrapes can lead to permanent damage. 


Custom storing shelves in the kitchen

A spa-like bathroom with a soaker tub

The bathroom measures about 40-square feet and features a soaker bathtub with a rain shower surrounded by concrete walls. An anti-fog LED backlit mirror overlooks the sink and vanity, close to a heating towel rack. There’s also a full washer and dryer combo. The toilet is urine diverting, designed specifically for small spaces like tiny homes. 

The Macdonald bathroom can easily be mistaken for a washroom in a condo or house! 


Full-service washroom, featuring a heating towel rack and anti-fog mirror

Sink and vanity, with a built-in tap


Soaker bathtub and rain shower

The bathroom is also where one of the two ventilation systems in the Macdonald home is located. The second one can be found in the front hall. Both are used to constantly circulate air throughout the home. 

The Narnia master bedroom


The Macdonald’s master bedroom is bound to stand out purely because it’s situated on top of the gooseneck part of this tiny home, allowing for a larger space. The best part of this room is that it also serves as a home office. One of the closets has a built-in “desk” with built-in drawers, all of which can be pulled out on a needs basis to get that paperwork done.

It also features cool tiny house bed ideas: For example, the headboard is backlit with built-in reading lights on both sides, which can be turned on and off with switches on either side. It’s also equipped with two built-in bedside tables, saving space and money. 


High-quality backlit headboard with reading lights 

It’s not everyday you see two closets side-by-side in a tiny home bedroom. This home has a “his” and “hers” closet, the latter of which is dubbed “The Narnia.” Expanding all the way out into the kitchen area, the Narnia acts as a seasonal storage space for extra towels, winter gear, and all other less needed stuff. It’s not easy to access, but it’s perfect for things you only need on occasion or during a specific time of the year. 

In addition, the numerous built-in drawers beneath the main closets create an endless amount of storage space for accessories and everything else. 


“Hers” closet with “The Narnia” 

It’s worth mentioning that the stairs leading up to the master bedroom have a pull-out drawer on each step, one of which acts as the couple’s kitty litter! 


Stairs leading up to master bedroom, with pull-out drawers

“The gearage” – a spin on the traditional home garage 


The Macdonald tiny home’s residents are avid cyclists, which means they need a space to store their gear and bikes. To meet this need, the Fritz’s created a “gearage” utility room that has two built-in e-bike racks for storing and holding bicycles in place. This space is also the utility room, home to batteries for solar, Growatt inverter, UV and particulate water filtration system, and IBC Combi boiler, which supplies on-demand hot water. 

In particular, the boiler performs the crucial function of acting as the hydronic infloor heating, or the heater for tiny home, keeping it warm during cooler days. 

The Macdonald is also equipped with a full autonomous solar and mini split-air conditioning system for tiny house insulation


Be prepared that the cost of a Fritz tiny home ranges between $185,000 to $275,000 (CAD), plus an additional $20,000 (CAD) if you’re looking for an off-grid tiny home package. The design period typically lasts between two and four weeks, with three to four months on top of this for the actual build time. 

The company delivers across the USA and internationally. Homes are built for Canadian winters, strong enough to withstand -40 degrees and colder. Therefore, one of Fritz’s key selling features is that each of their tiny homes are ready for any climate. 

What we thought overall

Overall, we were highly impressed with Fritz Tiny Homes’ custom Macdonald build. Its overall home design, craftsmanship, and functionality made it almost feel like a real house. While this product is pricier than many other units on the market, it makes up for it with unique storage solutions, a fantastic customizable loft bedroom, and modern interior design. 

Whether the Macdonald  should be your first tiny home is an important question. As of now, it costs as much as a small home in the Midwestern United States or a condominium in a semi-populated city. Knowing this, our take is that the younger generation of the tiny house community is unlikely to rush purchasing this product. 

However, this tiny home may be perfect for a sophisticated family who is likely retired and hoping to explore the world as far as the road can take them. 

To get started with Fritz Tiny Homes, or for any questions, or reach out to us at Super Tiny Homes at [email protected].

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