Chaise Lounge Dimensions – The sizing truth about these chairs

Chaise lounge is the most comfortable chair for relaxation or taking a short nap. Unlike couches or reclining armchairs, chaise lounge chairs have an angular back that provides full-body support.

In some cases, the angular back can be adjusted depending on the user’s preference. Chaise lounges are usually designed to be low to the ground, so their dimensions will vary depending on other outdoor furniture and indoor positions. For that, knowing the length and width of a chaise lounge is imperative when choosing one. A chaise lounge is actually a perfect edition to a tiny house living room, or even makes a good Ottoman chair at the edge of your bed.

Typically, the average length of a chaise lounge is between 73 and 80 inches and 25 to 30 inches in width. To explore more details about the length and width of chaise lounges, keep reading on reading this article while we dive into the world of chaise lounge dimensions :).

What Is The Purpose Of Using A Chaise Lounge?

Chaise lounges are very comfortable and an ideal alternative to traditional furniture like sofas, coffee tables, chairs, etc. Their shape and stylish design make them more attractive and relaxing. For that, they can help a small room feel larger, especially if you have a small room. This is especially handy for those with smaller floor plans but large living rooms.

Typically, traditional sofas don’t evenly support your body, especially when lying on the stomach. In that case, having the best lounge chair for laying on the stomach will help you to get maximum relaxation. Although lying on your stomach may bring some drawbacks, you can’t ignore its advantages.

For example, sleeping in a chaise lounge on your stomach can reduce the risk of snoring and sleep apnea. Another good thing is you can set up a chaise lounge in front of focal points such as a fireplace, window, or in front of an archway. This is because the chaise lounge is low to the ground and doesn’t interrupt sightlines.

How Long And How Wide Is A Chaise Lounge?

There are different types of chaise lounges like double, three seats, and standard size. Here we have explored the dimension details of these chaise lounges.

Standard Chaise Lounge

The standard chaise lounge is like a regular chair style. It enables the person to sit on the chaise to stretch and lean in the lounge position. These chairs are designed to be close to the ground and support the entire body. For that, standard lounges vary in different shapes and sizes. The seat lengths of these chairs range from 73 to 80 inches, while the width ranges from 25 to 30 inches.

Indoor Chaise Lounge

The indoor chaise lounge is made from comfortable materials, similar to a sofa. In this chair, two people can sit comfortably. There are many types of indoor chaise lounge available on the market, and their dimension differs from design to design. The lengths of this chair range from 73 to 80 inches, and the widths range from 25 to 30 inches. The wideness of this chair enables the arm to rest comfortably, due to the added armrest.

Double Chaise Lounge

This chaise lounge allows you to sit with two to even three people. It offers a perfect seat to lay back on while reading books or watching television. The good thing is the double chaise lounge comes in many styles and shapes. The average length of a double chaise lounge is 90.5 inches.

Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Compared to the indoor, outdoor chaise lounges are equipped with an adjustable backrest. This type of chaise lounge is usually found at the beach or poolside. The outdoor chaise lounge comes in different designs. The regular outdoor chaise lounges have dimensions of 78 inches long and 20.5 inches wide. The seat height from the floor of this chair is around 13 inches. These are typically weather-resistant and function more as patio furniture. Many of the outdoor chaise loungers will have people laying by the pool sunbathing.

Pool Chaise Lounge

These types of chaise lounges are similar to the standard outdoor chaises. They are equipped with an angled back to support the entire body. The pool chaise lounge could be a good choice for those who have mobility problems. The dimension length of a standard pool chaise lounge is 78.5 inches and 98 inches when fully reclined. Additionally, the depth of this chair is around 27 inches, with 39 inches in height.

Different Chaise Lounges Styles

Images of Family Chaise on Lounge chairs

There are five different styles of chaise lounges you will find on the market: chair, bench sofa, Victorian, French, and contemporary. Below we have demonstrated these chaise lounge styles.

Chaise Lounge Chair

Chaise lounge chairs are designed with a seat shape to support your legs. They also have adjustable backs to allow you to raise or lower the elevation angle. The average length of this chair is 64 inches, with 29 inches in width.

Bench Sofa

Bench sofa chaise lounge comes in various styles. The most common style of this chaise lounge is similar to a daybed. These sofas are usually wider than chaise lounge chairs. Additionally, the bench sofa has a rectangular structure without cushions and high ends on both sides.

Victorian Chaise Lounge

Victorian chaise lounges are the most common chaise lounges. The base, legs, and woodwork all feature ornate details and sculpted designs are added in this style. This chaise lounge is usually 66 inches in length with 29 inches in width.

French Chaise Lounge

These chaise lounges have an asymmetrical design with a sloping back, low footrest, and high headrest. Wealthy French men widely used this style. Typically, the French chaise lounge features ornate woodwork, high-quality fabrics, and tufting.

Contemporary Chaise Lounge

Contemporary chaise lounges are entirely different from other chaise lounges. These chairs feature a geometric design that makes them more appealing. Besides, metal accents and non-traditional color schemes are usually added to this style. The overall height of this chaise is 37.5 inches with 23.5 inches in width.

How To Measure A Chaise Lounge?

You may have two reasons for measuring your chaise lounge. The first is measuring the chaise to fit a cover, and the second one is for the cushion. To measure your chaise lounge, you will need a measuring tape.

  • First, you need to measure the height of the chaise lounge from top to bottom.
  • After that, you have to measure the depth of the chaise lounge. To do this, measure the deepest side from top to bottom and simplify it by measuring from front to back.
  • Finally, measure the width of the chaise lounge from side to side and from left to right.

Things To Consider While Buying Chaise Lounges Chairs

Buying the wrong chaise lounge chair will cost you money, trust, and time. We have demonstrated some crucial factors to consider while purchasing chaise lounge chairs to avoid such disappointments.


The quality of a chaise lounge chair depends on its construction. If the chair is constructed with good materials, it will last for a long time. The cushion used in the chaise lounge should be of good quality that doesn’t dent quickly. Additionally, the chair’s upholstery has been hard enough not to wear out quickly. I’d look for a chair with a fine microfiber, and a wide seat width.


It is best to choose a lightweight chaise lounge if you wish to move your chaise lounge around. Typically, the weight of chaise lounges varies according to the materials used in the construction. You may find some chairs made with hardwood while others with metals or other materials. So, you should keep in mind the durability and weight while purchasing a chaise lounge.


Not any brand or company may offer a lifetime limited warranty with a chaise lounge. So, you should choose a chaise lounge that will be comfortable to afford and provide a specific warranty time. You will also find some brands that offer buy one, get one free. In that case, you should pay deep attention to the chaise lounge’s quality.


The purpose of buying a chaise lounge is one of the prime considerations. Someone may be looking at this chair for reading and relaxing while others may sunbathe or sleep. Chaise lounges are designed with different features according to using purposes. For example, you may need a chaise lounge with comfortable arms for reading or relaxing.


Always consider add-ons as well when buying a chaise lounge. The quality of the seat cushion, whether it comes with a side table or even storage space within the body can make all of the difference. Occasionally on big box stories like Lowes and Home depot, they’ll sell the chaise lounge with a footstool.


Chaise lounges come in different styles for using different purposes. The length and width vary from style to style for their numerous designs. We have tried to provide an in-depth idea about chaise lounge length and width. Typically, the dimension of these chairs completely depends on whether it is an indoor, outdoor, double, or pool chaise lounge.

However, the overall length of a chaise lounge is between 73 and 80 inches, and the width range is 25 to 30 inches. With this range, you will find different styles of chaise lounges in the market. If you find any complications finding the best chaise lounge, check out the section above. Here we will find some crucial factors to consider while buying a chaise lounge.