A photo showcasing a bed in a tiny house

What to Expect When Hiring a Stylist for a Small Home: 4 Expert Insights

Are you considering hiring a stylist to transform your tiny house into a dream home? Whether it’s your kitchen, bedroom or even a storage closet, knowing how to maximize every square foot is crucial in a tiny home. Skilled interior designers can develop clever floor plans that create multifunctional, spacious-feeling areas within a finite footprint. 

Grey carpet on the floor at home
Grey carpet on the floor at home

A Stylist Can Provide Inspiration For Your Tiny Home

Desiring a minimalist look for your tiny house? A stylist’s expert touch can help achieve an aesthetic defined by clean lines, muted colors, and meticulous organization. Talented stylists know how to declutter a living room, imbuing even a small space with an open and serene vibe. One of the keys to successful tiny home styling is creating an efficient, beautiful, and flow-maximizing floor plan. A stylist will conceptualize a house design making optimal use of each nook and corner and lay out the furniture to streamline the movement and enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

Additionally, DIYers hoping to personalize their tiny hideaways will also find stylists’ expertise invaluable. Stylists can guide you in DIY projects that create custom looks, like unique countertops made of reclaimed wood or a converted ladder as a bookshelf. And let’s not forget the importance of material selection in a small living space. Stylists, such as those from acclaimed interior design company Flitch, can recommend a range of items, including durable, easy-to-maintain countertops and other surfaces ideal for the rigors of living tiny house life. In essence, a professional stylist can transform your small house into a home full of design ideas that marry function and style using the various hacks and ideas they have adopted throughout their career. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a minimalist at heart, the stylist’s focus on interior design can elevate your small space to new heights in livability and aesthetic appeal.

They Have More Experience Making Tiny House Design Plans

As you welcome a stylist to your tiny house, one of the first and arguably the most pivotal steps is the creation of a bespoke design blueprint. The stylist immerses themselves in your realm, absorbing the character of your existing home decor while concurrently sparking a dialogue about your ultimate vision. This is the inception of a thoughtful design journey, a woven pathway directing you to the threshold of your interior utopia. The stylist weaves a detailed tapestry factoring in your individual lifestyle, financial parameters, and sartorial tastes, sculpting a design framework that distinctly echoes your essence. A room’s existing inhabitants – your cherished furniture and decor – are not excluded. Instead, they are seamlessly melded into the floor space, shaping a brand-new narrative that merges your past, present, and future design worlds. 

They Understand The Need For More Natural Light In A Tiny Home

For an enlightened interior designer, natural light is akin to a holy grail within the realm of small home design. It plays an unparalleled role in transforming tight spaces into bright and airy environments that feel larger. As the sun’s rays penetrate the home, they invoke a sense of expansiveness, magically aiding the illusion of added square footage. Natural light is a powerful tool; it can breathe life into dull corners and highlight architectural details without additional decor.

A Stylist Can Order And Arrange For Delivery Of Your Furnishings

As your coordinator, your designer can step in, handling all the ordering and delivery details. Be it unique furniture items, attractive decor, or custom must-haves for your cozy home, your stylist will work together with you to select the best fit while ensuring everything arrives on time. This means you can plan your dream house with minimal fuss, safe in the knowledge that everything from your various showcases to the shelving storage space has been taken care of.

Whether you’re living in NYC or Texas, living big in a tiny house or shipping container home is an utterly achievable task with the right stylist. Just because you are part of the tiny house movement doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on everything that modern design offers.