Best Appliances for Tiny Houses

best appliances for tiny houses

Now that you are in or planning to live in a tiny home, you must have the right tiny household appliances and furniture, that won’t take up a lot of space and will allow your home to feel comfortable and organized.

Finding the right-sized appliances and furniture can be a little more difficult than it would be for fitting a normal-sized apartment or house. This complete guide should help you fit your tiny home with space-saving, energy-efficient, multipurpose and budget-friendly appliances and furniture.

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Best Tiny House Kitchen Appliances

If you are anything like me, you like to have space and the tools in your kitchen to cook from scratch. I like this for a few reasons: one because it means that I can prepare the meals for the week and the other reason is that I like to only buy the food that I need, to prevent food wastage.

In a tiny home, kitchen space and the availability of energy, if you live off-grid, can become a challenge. Therefore, you want to ensure that you utilize storage space and multi-functional and energy-efficient kitchen appliances. Here are some amazing kitchen appliances for your tiny home that you may want to consider investing in. Also check out our tiny house kitchen guide for more ideas and inspiration around the kitchen.


If your tiny home is plugged into the power grid, you should opt for a small Class A+ energy-rated refrigerator. These electric refrigerators are very energy efficient and available in a range of sizes – from 50L, 75L and 100L. One upside of having a small refrigerator is that you will have less food wastage and that you will be forced to buy your groceries more consciously.

If you are living in an off-grid tiny house or a tiny house on wheels that moves around a lot, we recommend using a refrigerator that is based on a 3-way system that you can run on propane gas, AC power and DC power. This way, your food won’t go bad if you face power outages.

HapiLeap Retractable Drawer Organizer

A drawer organizer for a fridge is a great space-saver

Even if you are using a small fridge, you are probably still wasting space. Most products are not nearly as high as the shelves. And you don’t want your shelves to close to each other as you won’t be able to fit larger items. This is where these practical drawer organizers come in. These are a great addition to give you not only more space in your fridge but also help to keep it organized. The small, affordable and convenient organizers are using the space below the fridge levels that often remains unused. Otherwise you can simply remove them. Perfect!

A Mini-Oven

Ninja foodi mini oven - a great appliance for a tiny house kitchen

Finding enough space for an oven in a tiny house is a major challenge. Unfortunately, more often than not, there just isn’t enough space in a tiny house kitchen to fit a proper oven. But we just don’t want to miss the opportunity to bake a pie or bread on a rainy day. Thankfully, the Ninja foodie is a game-changer. It’s small enough to sit on a counter or to put away in the cupboard until you need it and it has 8 functions which include roast, bake, grill, air fry, keep warm, toast and dehydrate. Having a kitchen appliance like this, that is multifunction and small in a tiny home is key.

2 Zone Cooktop from Noxton

Noxton ceramic cooktop with 2 zones for a small kitchen

Unless you plan to spend a lot of time cooking, we recommend using a 2-zone cooktop. A larger cooktop will be a waste of space most of the time and only come in handy on a few occasions each year.


I personally don’t really recommend using a microwave in a tiny home kitchen. I prefer freshly cooked meals. And while a microwave is a great tool to quickly heat up leftovers, it’s not worth the extra space for me. I’ll just heat the food on the stove or in the oven. However, if you don’t plan to cook a lot in your kitchen, a microwave can be a great appliance that replaces the oven.

Best Tiny Home Living Room Appliances and Furniture

Living rooms have always been an important part of any living space both big and small because it is a haven where you can relax either alone or as a family and it’s where you can entertain – even in a small home. Chances are that your living room will also be your office in a tiny house and that you will be spending most of your time there.

Below is a list of great items that all serve as dual-purpose items.

Coffee Table Storage Box

Colibrox lift top coffee table with storage for tiny home

If you feel that you need to have a coffee table in your tiny home, then you should consider going for one that serves a double purpose. For instance this Colibrox Coffee Table doubles as a storage box. You can slide off the top to store larger items and there are practical shelves for smaller items as well. A great space-saver that looks stylish at the same time.

Space Saving Tables and Stools

Winsome suzanne 3-pc set space save kitchen

Finding enough space for a permanent dining area with tables and chairs can be quite a challenge in a tiny home. Some tiny house residents do completely without a dining table and eat on the couch and coffee table. For us, that is not an option. Due to the limitation of space, we can recommend the Winsome Suzanne 3-PC space saver. This is basically a foldable table with two chairs that can be tucked under the table. The wheels on the table allow easy movement.

Another option is a wall mounted table that can be folded out. You can see an example below in the office space section.

Projectors – A Great Alternative to Televisions

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Televisions can be mounted on walls to save space. However, if you use the TV less frequently but still don’t want to rely solely on your laptop to watch movies, you can use a cheap and space-saving mini-projector. They can be used with almost any laptop, phone or tablet and all you need is a white wall and some power to get the movie night started. One of the advantages of these small and portable projectors is that you can also take your movie night outside during the summer months.

Convertible Futon Sofabed

This sofa is a great multipurpose investment for a tiny home as it can turn into a bed when needed. It’s stylish and elegant with loose-fitting fabric that allows it to breath. A convertible sofa is a great option if you plan to have friends in your tiny home. You can show them that there is plenty of space in your tiny kingdom.

Office Space Tiny Homes

As more of us begin to work remotely it’s important to have our own office space away from any distractions. Even though it can be difficult to have this space in a Tiny Home, it’s not impossible with some of these office furniture and accessories suggestions below. You will most likely be using some of the space in your living room as an office area. Regardless of where and how your office area is situated, it should be multi-purpose or repositionable. Once your working day is over, your office area should block any space in your living room. For an office area, you are going to need a desk space that you can securely place your laptop on as well as write on. Below, you can find three great tiny home office options.

Portable Laptop Stand

These are some of the best accessories for remote workers for so many reasons, you can use them anywhere indoors and outdoors, they take up no space at all, you can use then on top of a desk to lift your laptop head level to improve posture or to work standing tall. While this is a great option if you work in your tiny home for short periods of time, we don’t really recommend it if you plan to work full time from your tiny home.

Wall Mounted Table

CASART. Wall Mounted Table

Another space-saving desk solution is the Casart wall mounted table that comes with several storage compartments. When you do not need it, the desk folds up easily and looks like a cabinet. This great multi-purpose tiny home furniture can be used as an office desk and as a dining table. This is our recommended option.

Foldable Wall-Mounted Desk

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If you just need the desk space and not the storage or dining table, then this foldable desk if perfect for you. We recommend mounting it somewhere near a window so you will have the chance to look outside while working.

Small Bathroom Space Appliances

The bathroom is one of the rooms where space is often an issue in large houses. Obviously, great space-saving bathroom appliances are even more important in a tiny home bathroom. Thankfully, there is a range of items available that can make your life more comfortable while still being stylish. In addition to our recommendation of the best bathroom appliances and furniture below, you can find our comprehensive tiny bathroom guide here.

We also have a guide on composting toilets as well if you’re interested here.

Over The Toilet Cabinet Space

Space over the toilet remains unused in most homes. But it shouldn’t in a tiny home. There is a range of over the toilet cabinet shelves that offer a lot os space for toiletries, towels and much more without compromising the space you need to sit. An absolute must-have.

TomCare Toilet Paper Holder Toilet Paper Stand Free

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A necessity of any bathroom is toilet roll. However, packs of toilet roll can take up space. This toilet paper holder saves space and stores all the toilet rolls together.

Other Small Appliances for Tiny Homes

In addition to the appliances and furniture mentioned above, here are some other great tiny home appliances that will help you maximize space and make your life easier and more comfortable.

Washer/Dryer Combo

After a long day, the last thing you want to do is wash all your clothes by hand and then find space to hang them to dry. Using a laundry service can work out very expensive over the course of the year. Having a Washer/Dryer combo is not only a time saver but also a money saver.

Bladeless Heater Fan

Thankfully, well insulated tiny homes don’t take very long to heat up. So during the winter months, you want something that is going to warm up your home as quickly as possible. But during the hotter summer, you don’t want to be in a hot room so you need a fan. The Ocean Loong AB09 Bladeless Heater fan does both, it is small and can either go in the corner somewhere or store away. It’s energy-efficient grade one and quiet so you won’t be disturbed by the noise.

Bedside Shelf Accessories Organizer

A great storage solution for bedrooms and bathrooms this self-adhesive shelf is great for storing mobile phones, tablets, books and more. We use them throughout our house for small things that just need some organizing. They are easy to mount and affordable.

In this post, you can find some more great tiny house clothes storage ideas.

Audew Handheld Vacuums Cordless, Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Powerful Suction

Audew Handheld Vacuums Cordless, Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Powerful Suction

Vacuum Cleaners can be big and bulky, so this vacuum is the perfect compromise. It is compact, powerful, cordless and rechargeable.

A Few Things to Consider

Other things to consider when making your tiny home into a dream home are as follows:

  • Custom Made Items

As well as buying ready-made items, you could also consider haver customer made furniture which is made to measure, depending on your budget this can work out a little more expensive but it’s something that may be a better choice in the long run.

  • Power Source

Different tiny homes require different power sources some run on propane, some on solar and wind power, others on battery or electricity so when buying appliances ensure it’s that you are buying the right appliances that are the right energy capacity that will not blow a fuse every time you turn it.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your reason for living in a tiny home whether it’s to downsize and live a minimalist life, or even to save money or maybe all three. Buying appliance for your tiny home does take a bit of planning not only is it about deciding what you can and cannot live without and how you can place them within your living space, but it’s also about your budget and personal style preference.