window withs modern kitchen hudson tiny home, with two seated areas.

Crawford compact homes review

Welcome to a twist on a 21st century super tiny home.

The Hudson is a 30 x 8.5-foot high quality tiny house on wheels made by Crawford Compact Homes, a family-owned business based in Canada. A new venture and offshoot of Crawford Construction and Renovations that’s been around for over eight years, the family has over a decade of experience in residential construction and building new homes.

This is the family’s first tiny home model that sleeps up to five people and has several stunning features, including an engineered triple 7,000 LB axle steel base frame, closed-cell spray foam walls and rigid tiny house insulation floor system, pine walls and ceiling, vinyl flooring, and high-end appliances.

Here’s all about this tiny home that’s all about keeping things as minimal yet as effective as possible. It was also the company’s feature product at Canada’s Tiny Home Show in Ancaster, Ontario on August 6, 2022.

The Hudson tiny home by Crawford Compact Homes

picture of hudson with chairs empty tiny home

Not-so tiny kitchen with a bar

The Hudson’s kitchen is more like a “kitchen bar”, serving also as a dining room. Equipped with a deep sink with high-end fixtures, built-in dishwasher, low-profile microwave, speed oven, and refrigerator, its quartz countertop extends out to a table that comfortably sits (and eats!) two. The pot lights that overlook the sink make for a nice ambiance for when you’re cooking or wish to enjoy a romantic dinner.

There are several cabinets underneath the sink and countertop, however, they may be limiting to homeowners looking for more storage space.

window withs modern kitchen hudson tiny home, with two seated areas.

The Hudson’s kitchen with a bar that extends out into the living room

kitchen-cook top-area-for-tiny-homes

A closeup of the Hudson’s kitchen bar with a speed oven and low-profile microwave

built in fridge and washing machine under the stairs

High-end kitchen appliances, fridge and dishwasher.

A bathroom with stunning interior and walk-in shower

When you’re in the Hudson’s bathroom, you forget that you’re in a less than 400-square foot place. Separated into two sections, the first has a modern vanity with a deep sink and a quartz countertop, medicine cabinet, white tiling, a light fixture that gives off a warm, spa-like ambiance, and a washer and dryer combo.

The second section of the bathroom is a stunning walk-in shower surrounded by glass doors and dark tiling on the walls, and – of course – the toilet!

Allowing for plenty of privacy, this bathroom is truly a reflection of modern-day home design.

Modern-day bathroom designKitchen sink and mirror lights

A separate walk-in shower and toilet

washroom composting toilets

A living space with a hidden room

full shot of hudson tiny home in the loft

The Hudson’s living room is a natural continuation of the kitchen bar that leads to a leather couch and a TV projector. Notice that large windows surround the entire interior of the home, allowing for plenty of natural light to come in at all times of the year.

In the middle of the room is a mini-split air conditioning and heat pump that acts as a heater for tiny home.

The living room

The real gem of this space is a room that’s easily missed unless you look up. Above the couch and seating area is a second bedroom loft that allows for a double bed – perfect for a family of two or three small kids.

To get up to the second bedroom, the builders showed off their workmanship with a cleverly installed ladder that sits inside the frame of the bedroom “floor” and pulls out as you need it.

How’s that for tiny house bed ideas!

The ladder underneath the second bedroom extends out so you can climb up to your roomtrundle stairs

Master bedroom loft

The master bedroom is defined by its ample storage space all along the back wall. Two large windows allow for natural light to come through with a screen that can open on those hot summer days. The bedroom is large and spacey enough to walk in and out of, or just roam about.

However, for both the master and second bedroom lofts, you should be prepared to feel comfortable in an open space, as they are separated by a glass fixture, leaving little room for privacy.

The master bedroom loft with storage along the wall in lieu of a headboard

loft bedroom

The staircase leading up to the bedroom has built-in storage “boxes” 

storage in stairs

Lots of natural light as you move up the staircase and into the main bedroom


What we thought overall

Crawford Compact Homes’ the Hudson is a stunningly modern super tiny home that’s super charged with super cool things like a hidden ladder that will take you to the second bedroom loft. The house catches your attention the moment you walk in with its minimalistic yet beautiful home décor, and the fact that it can literally be a tiny version of someone’s recently renovated apartment or condo in the city.

However, storage space throughout the home is lacking, in particular in the kitchen and second bedroom. Some may find the kitchen’s bar an unnecessary use of space that could be better used for additional cabinetry. Also, the fact that both bedrooms are separated by glass may not work for those looking for more privacy.

To get started with Crawford, or for any questions, visit their website or reach out to us at Super Tiny Homes at [email protected].