Outside of the Little Red Hen Cabin in Texas, showing a two-story tiny house and two-tier height wood front porch.

Things to Consider When Building a Tiny House

Are you one of those planning to build a tiny house but do not know where and how to start? Planning a tiny house needs a lot of things to consider, like how long it takes to build a tiny house, the budget, materials and many others. 

According to research, A small house may be built by professionals in around 120 hours. But, a do-it-yourselfer may need more than 500 hours. So you’ll probably need 63 days when you can spend 8 hours a day. Most people who construct part-time can finish the job in a year.

Making the Plans for Building a Tiny House

Before you can start building your tiny house, you must plan it ahead of time. 

Designing the Tiny House

Drawing out the blueprints might take a long time; therefore, your timetable may be heavily influenced by whether you want to do it yourself, employ an architect, or purchase a pre-made design.

Even though you buy a pre-made design, you will still need loads of effort to study it before you begin work.

You may also want to change the designs to ensure that the house is what you desire. Adjust your timetable to account for the quantity of effort involved in the planning process.


Even if you do believe that the amount of cash you have to invest in this job has little to do with how long it takes to complete, you’d be amazed at how more funding may help to speed things up.

If you are short on time, you may want to consider adding some wiggle space to your budgeting. Then, with much more resources, you may employ additional staff to avoid further delay.

Your budget will also influence the amount you should choose DIY.

In some cases, spending extra time looking for old or cheaper items might help you save money.

View inside a tiny home

Things to consider when tiny house construction begins

When the construction of the house begins, the items listed below are also important things to consider. 


Regardless if you are doing all in your power to keep your schedule on track, you should still consider the weather.

A month of bright weather will provide far more results than two weeks of rainfall in a month. Thats why you need to evaluate the seasons in the location where you intend to build the tiny house.

If you live in a snowy location, you will most likely have to pause construction during the winter.


Summer work is better in terms of weather, but the days are still long, so it implies more operating time, which is also a benefit. These are just a few things to think about when you plan your schedule.

Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of time you’ll have to labor. You’ll conserve time when you can work extra hours since you will not have to set aside some time packing up equipment and clearing away after only a few hours of work.

Electrical wirings

Discovering how to wire a tiny house will take patience, and executing the task may be risky if you aren’t an expert. As a result, you should pay somebody to step out and check on the house’s electrical wirings. To discover a good electrician, you’ll need to do some study, and you’ll need to work out a plan for purchasing supplies with them.


Most tiny homes feature one bathroom, a sink, and maybe a small washer. As a result, the plumbing is not half as complex as a full-sized house. However, you could still hire an expert depends on how fast you want the house done or how much budget you’re prepared to pay. 

Initial wood form grid with two tier height, steel rebar mesh grid and small wood to create grooves in the patio area.

How can you save time?

A do-it-yourselfer will take considerably more time than professionals.

As previously said, employing specialists will have a significant influence on your timetable. Please remember that they may not always advance it. However, if you prepare ahead of time and arrange your calendar well, employing individuals for several of the tasks along the route may save you a lot of time.

Building a house necessitates expertise in various areas, such as engineering in structure wiring for electricity, plumbing, roofing construction-related abilities.

A skilled do-it-yourselfer will still need to devote a significant amount of time to understand how to do all of these tasks. And remember that doing something for the first time always takes longer, so keep that in mind as well.


Planning your ideal tiny house will already eat a lot of your time. However, you need to be certain of what you want because you wouldn’t like to waste your effort, time and money on a project that will not last a lifetime. Therefore, I hope that this guide, about how long it will take you to build a tiny house, gives you the full idea about what you need to consider.

Good luck, and enjoy planning your tiny house!