Tiny Homes On The Beach – How can you find one?

Ready to buy a beachfront house? Thinking about a place to spend your vacation while making some ROI in cash? If that’s the case, you’re probably fantasizing about having a larger mansion with a pool, a garden, a short walk to the beach, and so on.

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Think carefully when owning a a large rental property, as it means more work, more maintenance and potential issues down the road. It can overwhelm you by various means: discontinuous earning; huge demands on effort, money, and time; continuous observation or a permanent caretaker; a higher mortgage rate and taxation.

However, if you’re looking for something more low maintenance, we have the answer for you –  a tiny beach house. YES! A tiny home on the beach can also serve as your choice for a larger property. Here are the benefits of owning a small beach home instead of a mansion:

  • Requires less investing amount.
  • Can be used for own vacation or permanent living place.
  • Higher chance of continuous and consistent earning by renting to tourists.
  • A high possibility of permanent renters, not just “AirBnBers” .
  • Low maintenance costs and yearly full maintenance are sufficient to keep the property in good condition.
  • Low power consumption and related expenses.

Deciding to Purchase A Small Beach Home


It is now clear that a tiny beach house, like a mansion, can provide monetary gains. The lower amount of monthly earnings can be a concern, but the investment is also lower, and there are other advantages as well. The small holiday home allows for chilling with family while exploring the surrounding natural beauties. This ocean living space can easily accommodate amenities like kitchens, multiple bathrooms, storage, hot tub, and living room facilities.

Influencing Factors

To select the best tiny home on the beach, several undeniable factors are intertwined with the decision-making process:


It is a dream for everyone to have a living wake up to the rhythmic sound of water playing at the shore to see the sunrises…to pass the whole day observing the changing hues. This dream getaway is also equipped with an escape from the city’s dirt, noise, and mud. It requires a jackpot of greeneries, water spots, natural tracks, and so on to feed humans’ primal nature — “exploration.” By logic, to remain in modern civilization, updated amenities, technological inclusion, and easy accessibility to cities are essential. As a result, location is at the top of the list of consideration factors.


Affordability is also a significant concern in the whole decision-making process. Prices vary according to the hotness of the location and in-house facilities like wifi, renewable power features, advanced air conditioning, etc. The following resources will provide you with an overview of housing prices and earning potentials.

High-price Options

In general, a high-stakes purchase can cost you around $330,800, which usually comes with a vast open space. This option is basically a miniature version of a large mansion, equipped with ultra-modern automatic facilities, a spacious living room, and a higher degree of privacy. However, purchasing such property is not a good investment if you are highly concerned about earning from tourist rentals. Because of the high rent, the monetary gain from the rental option will be disrupted. The house will surely run empty in the off-peak season and probably be less occupied in the peak season. Hence, the investment and tax implications are huge for this kind of property.

Mid-price options

A mid-range tiny home beside the sea will cost you approximately $200,000. You can get a small pool and the associated privacy within this budget. Also, the offered amenities are suitable for fulfilling modern living needs. Mid-budget houses on the beach come with higher rental options than high-steak houses. It can generate $800 to $1,500 per month in rental income in addition to serving as your vacation destination. Still, this choice is restricted only to the allocation of large families with more than 6 to 10 members. Following that, there is a significant possibility of generating less revenue from tourist or corporate rentals. Businesspersons or workers who are alone and want to live near the beach to work at small business establishments will never go for this option.

Low-price options

Investing $50,000 to $120,000 and having a monthly ROI of $300 to $700 sounds great. Actually, it is! It can ensure your family’s healthy living on a permanent basis at the destination. It is also feasible and worth using as a vacation living solution. The small beach homes reject the concept of having larger properties on the beach. The associated inclusion of gardens, pools, etc. is worthless as the surrounding nature is already offering those in a more natural and wild way. Most importantly, due to the lower rental price, the tiny house solutions never run empty.


The weather plays a vital role in selecting a beach house. Highly corrosive wind and water reduce the life expectancy of the home. Also, beach destinations with higher humidity are not that preferable for tourists or for people living permanently with family. In association with an appropriate floor plan, a less corrosive weathering condition with less humidity and nearly consistent climatic components is highly desirable. Before making a final purchasing decision, researching a location’s weather is a must-do thing. In short, your ideal home must be weather-resistant.


Having a friendly and safe neighborhood is always a high priority, whether you are permanently living in a tourist destination or going for a combination of living and renting to others. So, it is better to stroll around the neighborhood, talk with the neighbors, spend some nights in the locality, and scroll through the crime rates before purchasing a tiny cottage.

Short Listing the Properties

Finding your tiny beach house by plotting all the above-mentioned factors and combining them is a professional task. You must conduct extensive research on each factor mentioned. Also, consulting a property agent can be beneficial.

We’ve conducted deep research to find some of the best combinations.

San Diego, California

It is an ideal location for beachgoers. This city offers a dazzling array of amazing attractions for small and large families. The must-mention attractions include the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, LEGOLAND California, and SeaWorld. Nice weather and a 70-mile-long sand beach aimed to provide tourists with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In addition, San Diego’s higher capability to meet artistic needs is observable through the art galleries, museums, art studios displaying master craftsman works, and themed restaurants.

The median price of a tiny ocean-view house in San Diego ranges from $170,000 to $25,000. By paying this amount, you can get two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a covered area of 480 sq ft.

Ocean City, Maryland

It is already highly recognized as a resort city and a top choice among tourists. Great weather, mind-blowing landscaping, affordable living costs, etc.—every component of a better living place is available here. It features white sand beaches along the azure water, and a bunch of restaurants, shops, and hotels are lined beside a wooden boardwalk.

You can buy a tiny beach house in this very location within your budget without breaking the bank. This place offers a wide variety of beach houses, which can be used for your own living or rented to others. White St., Coastal Hwy, Kelly Road, Trimper Ave. Bayshore, and 76th St. are some of the best communities in Ocean City, Maryland, to purchase a mid-range to a low-range house. A 350–450 sq ft home with 1 bed and 1 bath in these areas can cost between $80,000 and $289,900. Still, if your budget is high, you can get a modern, updated, and larger space by spending more than $350,000.

Rockport, Texas

This Gulf Coast location is ornamented with clean beaches, a healthy environment, nice weather, fantastic fishing, and so on. This selection comes from modern life in the wild, a favorite destination for ornithologists.

Small waterfront houses range from $90,000 to $150,000. Through rental, you may earn up to $300 per month in June, July, and August.

Deerfield Beach, Florida

This amazing destination offers some amazing waterfront options. Some areas of Deerfield Beach offer small beach homes for less than $250,000. In particular, homes within 500 sqft in Durham Circle F and Tilford T can cost you around $105,000.

It is located halfway between Palm Beach and Miami. In association with breathtaking natural beauty, you can also enjoy fresh food and a happening neighborhood.

Purchasing a tiny beach house is not just a property purchase; you are buying your dream. Determine your budget first, and then choose a specific location. After selecting the desired living place, in-depth research is needed on various matters, such as weather, available small housing, mortgage advantages, tax deduction options, neighborhood condition, and so on. Based on the prepared shortlisting, perform a physical visit to every property and consult with local agents. Most importantly, if you have decided to use the home for generating passive income, studying city development and economy-related documents and reports is a must-do task.

Wrapping up, beach cottages have higher market demand. Customers are always willing to deal with less than 600-square-foot properties, creating the possibility of earning more than the amount spent.