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Tiny house painting – How To Choose Paint For Your Tiny House?

Most people prefer to choose white paint their small living space interior. Whether it’s your kitchen, living room or bathroom – it can be difficult to accentuate colors. What color do you choose if you’re not going to go with a hue of gray or white. Light colors such as orange, yellow, violet, red or cool colors such as blue, light purple, and green can give the impression of a larger space, but are very subjective and are held differently in the eye of the beholder. This is why choosing your paint for your tiny house can be difficult, since you may love one type of color – but you also don’t want your house to be too small :P.

Sometimes the light colors are so vibrant that glaring at these colors is unpleasant. You can use dark colors along with light colors in your tiny apartment. However, do not use dark colors in the whole room. Painting the small wall in a room with dark color and the rest of the walls with bright colors can give the illusion of a big room as well as improve the aesthetic quality of your room.

Most people painting their tiny house interior will need to DIY as a professional painter will not spend the time or effort in painting a home smaller than your average sized condo. Therefore, it’s important that you choose colors that can accentuate your home decor, while also ensuring that your home design still says you.

How To Choose Paint For Your Tiny Home?

When it comes to painting a house, the questions raised by most people are “How to choose paint for your tiny house?” and “Can you use ceiling paint on walls?”.

Some other questions you may want to ask yourself are:

What materials is my home made out of? Do I have a natural wood cabin, or a RV style tiny home?

Will I be added wall art or any type of paintings to my tiny home? (thereby taking away from the color)

Do I want my home to be a bold statement? Or do I want to feel more like an oil painting?

While these questions may be a little abstract, they get to the heart of interior design when it comes to Tiny homes.

A non-question is to make certain that you select non-toxic paints. The paints that have harsh chemicals emit harmful fumes even after drying. The harmful fumes linger in a small house and can cause health issues. You’ll want to stay away from acrylic paints as they can leave fumes on your home, clothes and even on your furniture.

Apart from non-toxic paint, you need to get the right type of finish paint. There are matte, gloss, semi-gloss, satin, eggshell, and flat paints. Semi-gloss paints are considered ideal for a tiny house as they can create an opening effect in small spaces.

A Welcoming Front Entry With Natural Light Color Is Essential

The entry of a house gives the first impression of what the entire house would look like. Hence, it is important that you choose the correct paint for the entryway. Normally, the entryway of a tiny house is tiny and narrow. This is why you should choose the colors that can make the entryway look spacious and welcoming.

Warm bright colors such as taupe, white, light green, creams, light tan, light gray, and light blue are best for the entryways. Do not use any dark color to paint the hallways and the mudroom unless you want the entryway to look like a ghost alley.

Paint The Living Rooms With Cool Colors

The first room which everybody will see after going inside of your house is your living room. You and your guest will spend the most time in this room. From this perspective, we can say that the living room is the most important room of your house.

Most people generally choose warm colors for their living room. You can also choose warm colors for your living room. Although painting a tiny room with warm colors can make the room appear bigger, it is mundane and boring. Rather go with cool colors like pale or dark blue, soft black, cool gray, and lavender. Cool colors matched with perfect interior decor can make the room look bigger and cozy.

Create A Sanctuary With Bedroom Color Ideas

The bedroom is the place of relaxation after a long working day. So, the aesthetic quality of the bedroom should be appealing. Using relaxing colors can make the bedroom appear bigger. The relaxing colors are white, yellow, grey, violet, pink, green, and blue. Research has shown that people tend to sleep for a longer period in the blue bedroom. If you do not prefer blue, you can select another relaxing color.

People like to use earthy and neutral tones like gray, brown, yellow, orange, or green to paint their bedrooms. These tones can highlight the interior items in a room by receding into the background. Avoid using stark white as it might lead to a bland bedroom. You can choose butter, ivory, and cream instead of white.

Consider Neutral Or Accent Wall Kitchen Paint Ideas

Neutral and accent colors are considered the ideal colors for a small kitchen. These colors are more reflective than dusky colors. Neutral or accent colors reflect light and make walls recede. Consequently, they increase the sense of empty space around the kitchen.

You can consider painting the walls with soft pumpkin color. This color is not so intense but vibrant. White, cream, beige, mint green pastel, taupe, and soft gray are also good for painting a kitchen. You can contrast these colors by using wood stain colors that eventually lead to feeling warm and welcoming in your kitchen.

Create A Tranquil Tiny home Bathroom With Soft Colors

Bathrooms look tranquil and relaxing with soft colors. Soft colors can also flatter your skin tone. Pale yellow and straw-like yellow colors are excellent for bathrooms as they mimic sunlight. If you put these colors on, it will feel like there is abundant natural light.

Navajo white, cream, ivory, gentle tan, classic white, vanilla, blush pink, beige, and light gray can make the small bathroom appear bigger. A bathroom painted with sky blue paint gives a coastal vibe. Painting the ceilings the same color as the walls can visually enlarge the perceivably enlarge the space of your bathroom.

How to choose the exterior paint of your home

Tiny homes are a little easier to paint due to the less surface area :). It’s quite easy to give your tiny home a mini makeover by simple adding some style and different color hues to the exterior of your home. While some many choose bold colors like black (for heating) or red (to make a statement), you’ll also want to choose something that can work with your surroundings.

Ultimately, we at SuperTinyHomes believe natural colors like earth brown or even light gray are the best colors because they resonate well with nature.

Closing Thought

Choosing paints for your tiny house can be exciting and fun. The main idea of choosing paint for a small area is to create an illusion of a big area. The suggestions given in this guide are enough to do this illusion for you. Go through the guide and pick some sample strips based on the recommended colors given in this guide. Now apply the strips directly to your walls and choose the paints that you think meet your style.